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Their existing scud missiles with conventional warheads and fire dumb at lampedusa um you know they couldn't hit anything but i think it off he got asked about it and said you know well if if you know if i had missiles the breach new york i would have fired them at new york and so at least for me in the 1980s we see this kind of transition from the idea that missiles are for war weapons of mass destruction to the idea that conventional missiles even if they are tremendously accurate and don't have a huge battlefield effect are the kind of thing that middle eastern governments want and sort of looking at it we saw that the north koreans in particular no played a very important role in supplying scud missiles to egypt and to libya and to iran and to yemen and to the country we're gonna talk about today the united arab emirates the arms pick up their you know so you begin to see in now declassified national intelligence estimates written in the things in this whole talking about 1971 he'll there's a section on the united arab everett's since yolk bearing the goal ballistic goes is sorry submit bubble as the missiles to buy purchase eighteen to twenty four scud missiles from north korea in 1988 in abu dhabi the even at a little more thing may have had to deal with china for eighty emma levin sr bs yeah you know that was a really a that's probably another podcast by one thing one thing that is really interesting about these documents is at the time both saudi arabia and the uae are getting in the missile business uh and there are lots of rumors that saudi arabia and the uae were interested not just in liquid fuelled missiles from china and korea but in china's solidfuel missiles and i've heard nothing more about those reports it's like they're there and then they're gone so that's a that's an interesting podcast me a woman but this will talk about the start of the import of eighteen to twenty four scuds good bs into the rights the remember it's just outside dubai.

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