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Westbound four sixty two this. Sixty five that looks like the size of a studio apartment bat. Bear would have swallowed the. B's? Over on the shoulder. Right, mornings and afternoons WIBC traffic, three P C. Fat wants to get here. Maryland is we get set for basketball tonight. It's in the Maryland Terrapins both these ball clubs young. Both have had really good starts to their season. Coming off their first loss in big ten play while Maryland has up their anti till four one in conference action after two road winds, Eric that's a big big factor on this walk walk. Right. Is this Maryland team? Don mentioned a couple of times, really young and talented. Frontcourt. Indiana's gonna have their hands full with these two big Trump's Maryland. Old six foot. Ten jump out of the gym Terrapins are outrebounding teams by eleven rebounds per game. Which has I in the big ten Indiana's front matter of fact, all five guys has got to be just absolutely spreadable tonight going after defensive offensive rebounds. That's gotta be first and foremost mindset for the team if Indiana defensively allowing mail get second chance opportunities. Just time after time after time it's going to be a long night tonight for this Indiana team. It's a challenge for guys like Jon Morgan Justin Smith, Ron Davis to really kind of put a body on this. Five guys have got to be helping out trying to rebound the basketball. I think it's critical factor is anything for Indiana tonight is not continuing this slow start problem that they've had for much of this season. Maryland has been really good at home here and Indiana cannot afford to get behind. I just look at this Terrapins team to talented too. Big too strong and too good on their home port for Indiana, get down big, and we have meant talking the last few ball games for this Indiana team, Indiana's good. I just don't think they are talented enough to consistently fight back from double digit deficits as some teams. Maybe I don't know. But Indiana on the road in the big ten it's gotta be forty minutes up. Good quality play for this. Indiana teams win Indiana's good. They've got some nice pieces. But other teams in the big ten or good to Don. You cannot be a great team in this league and be fighting from consistently each and every game expect to get good quality road win. He's can't do it on the road in big tech aside from the bigs for Maryland who oppresses you on this ballclub because I really think Anthony Cowan is an underrated guard. Yeah. So he's the leader on the team. At six foot. He might be shorter than that. But listed at six foot. He has been a starter for this team since the freshman year, and he has been sworn at the point guards in this league. I think he is taking a step up this year in terms of leadership. He's going to be leading this team. Defensively. Puts a lot of ball pressure on Indiana's. And he's just a guy that gets to the rim is to get to the free throw line. And if you leave him open he can knock down the big shot. He sent me the quickest guy on the court here tonight Indiana's got to understand where Anthony Cowan is. He is top two point guards in this league. Maybe caches Winstons the other guy you think of he's a really good ballplayer in Indiana has got to understand that this game on the road. You win with your points are play whether it's just take care of the basketball team mates are knocking down bigshots. Anthony Collins got to be contained here tonight in the backward has got to be great talent. You know? He's a heck.

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