California Fires Are Getting Worse. What's Going On?


While in the north tonight in Sonoma's county that Kincaid Fire they're calling it doubling in size over the past forty eight hours sixty six thousand acres charred already and containment falling just about five percent as we come on the air this Monday night our teams on the fire lines and ABC's chief national correspondent Matt Upman leading us off from Los Angeles the that brushfire ripping through West Los Angeles overnight turbocharged by the seasonal Santa Anna winds gusting above sixty five miles was per hour it's being called getty fire because in those early morning hours it threatened the Getty Center in Brentwood I'm just beneath Lia Getty Center one of the most famous museums in the world darrelle talkers in the air fire crews pretty much everywhere burning some of the most expensive real estate in the country Kissy this fire behind me is completely consuming this home in fact as all street is on fire can hear that crackling behind me it is very intense here the fire raced through the canyons here filled with dry brush you just said earlier that this is your worst we're coming through no question in seeing this every single year the fires that bigger up to twenty five thousand people or to evacuate in the middle of the night including select ladies like Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Bron James and his family today tweeting his best wishes to the first responders students from nearby Mount Saint Mary's University reaching out to to close to our school to have several hundred teenage kids that are have no way of getting out Phiri to safety in ambulances uniting with their parents while it was pretty scary to thirty in the morning you don't expect a phone call from your daughter at school by break squadrons of firefighting aircraft out in full force part of interstate four zero five shutdown there is nobody traveling south this is one of the most traveled areas in our area in the country and to see nobody on this roadway is almost a shocking sight it northern California that kincaid fire now more than sixty five thousand acres the fire destroying nearly one hundred structures into let's get to makeup and reporting in from outside Los Angeles and mad you and I both covered those wildfires in Califor- cornea this unfortunately is the time of year both in the north and in the south but I can't remember there in the Los Angeles area these fires hitting this particular neighborhood in quite some time oh it's been decades David and that's one of the reasons this burns so hot cooking this house right down to the foundations and take a look at that hill over there is that rush had also burned in decades and that created this super-charged fire like gasoline combined

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