After bishops call for married priests, pope urges new ways


For more than a thousand years Catholic priests have not been allowed to be married but that could change in one small corner of the world from the story decision by bishops in Rome they voted to recommend allowing married men to become priests in remote areas of the Amazon pope Francis now has the final decision as to whether to implement the exemption he might also look at inviting women to take a much more significant role as officers of the church a reporter Richard Hamilton has been telling me about this weekend's big vote and its significance they've decided by a virus of a hundred and twenty eight in favor I'm just forty one against that married men are allowed to be ordained as priests but may qualification is that this is just for the Amazon region of South America so it won't supply in a wide descends to the general Roman Catholic religion this is none the less a very monumental decision for millions of people around the world what's the background to this the Catholic Church has been finding it very difficult to get the message and preach the gospel amongst remotes indigenous Amazonian community Sir in the pasta priest would have to literally canoe up the river for several days or FAQ through the jungle will climb amounts and to get to these remote communities and also the Catholic Church has found that there's a lot of competition from the evangelical Pentecostal church which has been much more successful a getting people into the fold speaking at a press conference at the end of this three week said knowledge at the Vatican the archbishop of Benevento whose cardinal Michael Cherney he explained the rationale behind this decision things have to change we cannot keep repeating old responses to urgent problems and expect to get better results than we've been getting so far and the first change that the pope himself said it's the most important one is the pastoral change it's the way in which the church is church and axes church among its people that we have to

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