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Deal right I think it is important to have these types of discussions I did not think that any of your minds would have changed obviously both of you are on opposite ends when it comes to this issue but in my personal opinion it is more important to have conversations like this for them to have people and like I understand why people protest I understand why people pick it it is well within your right to do that but I think it's better if we talk to one another and have conversations doesn't mean we're gonna agree doesn't even gonna agree but I appreciate the fact that both of you were respectful to one another as respectful as I think we could have hoped and I appreciate both of you doing that I also appreciate both of you taking the time to join us we're probably gonna take a break and take some phone calls but I want to thank you both our third Chris for taking the time and stating your case I appreciate it. thank you all right I could make the point Sir Arthur Chris thank you for your time thanks a lot guys all right there you go. Chris Devon and Arthur shopper I want to take some phone calls now so here's what we're gonna do we're gonna take a break what do you guys think about this issue whose side are you on are you okay are you okay with drag queens reading books to your kids in the libraries in Henderson do you take the side of mass resistance the people that are opposed to it or to take the side of the quality Nevada we just had a very good spirited debate and now I want to give you guys a chance to respond to it the phone lines are open the number is seven oh two two five seven five three nine six again that number to call if you'd like to be a part of the program seven oh two two five seven five three nine six so we're gonna take a quick break when we come back on the other side of this break we will take your calls call up right now two five seven five three nine six take a quick break we'll be back right after this you're listening to the Vegas take on the only one one point five FM seven twenty AM K.. three..

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