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It really is interesting how the underdogs now don't seem to be as big of an underdog as they were even three or four World Cups ago. Again, that is due to the growth of women's football. Yes, it is not due to some of these federations. Let's always just keep that in mind. Let's move on to the second game from today's doubleheader, Canada and Cameroon. And it almost almost gave us another shocking surprise, again, Canada wins the match one nothing, but they come into this tournament as the fifth ranked team, according to fee for Cameroon forty. Six. So another huge ocean between these two teams. And yet the theme of the tournament, though, set pieces is really the only difference at least on the scoresheet between Canada and Cameron Kate, would you see? I salad Cana. They're giving up a lot of possession unnecessarily, but they're giving it up because they were put under pressure that they weren't used to seeing, I think I was almost kind of laughing in my head because when I don't mean that mainly but when you play Canada's the United States player, you know, the first thing you need to do is to match them in tally because they are coming for you. They're getting the ball. They get party you so be it. But they have this physical presence that imposes on you. And it does it does make you a little bit tentative, you're like, okay, I have to match that and you have to amp yourself up to be prepared for it. I saw Cameroon side that said alright. Can't here you go. And I thought Canada really struggled. And so the key when you playing a team that super fast and physical is you have to match that mentality to start with. And then you had to put the ball on the ground. If you have that capability to do so. And they struggled in that first half in the second. And half. I think they didn't see possession so easily upon physical confrontation. They are able to hold the ball a little bit more. And I thought they played better in the second half, and yes, they were awarded by can you should be can not being marked and Cameron almost scored in the same exact set up on the other side with the player not being marked back Cameroon was much better and more organized, and again that mental endurance piece, I think, is the biggest difference with these players able to play overseas and not in their domestic leagues because a lot of times they don't have them. And if they do they're not professional is, especially for Cameron and Argentina is they have developed a mental endurance to withstand, a lot of these moments that they didn't four years ago and definitely not eight years ago. How worried would you be from a Canadian perspective based on their performance that you saw today? And the fact that you could only get one goal past a camera inside which we should say, yes, they're ranked forty six in the world. They did get out of the Dacian be ranked. He's okay. But they got out of the group phase the last time. Around. So we rented sixteen they have they have players like we mentioned on yesterday show, who are playing all over Europe there, they're not maybe the super underdog. But, but how would you be about Canada? I'm not worried if you're Canada, because Kansas score. A lot of goals to start with right. Like they don't. I mean, they've had you didn't think they would dominate this game a little more easily a little more healthily than they did. I thought they would dominate the game more on the wings and they did. I thought the thing that I saw missing from Canada was a realization that combination play can unlock teams at our super aggressive because nor to be aggressive, you need to end -ticipant where the ball's gonna go. That means to me, you're watching the ball, a little bit more than you are maintaining your shape. Right. And also that takes discipline, when you are prepared side, that comes with months and months of experience of training together, which we know Cameroon came together, five months ago and has had limited preparation, right. So they don't have that organization. So you do end up watching the ball a little bit more because it hasn't been drilled. Into enough of your style, how to maintain it when this player on the far side has the ball, your little more worried about the player..

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