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I haven't heard much of this. But I think it's a good debate. Let's say Texas beat Oklahoma. All right. So wipe them off the board. The committee is not respecting northwestern right now. Right. If indicated that with where they have matai, right? If in the assumption is of Georgia loses to Bama and OUB's, Texas. Oh use in on road with that. You agree. You agree with that? Well, see this is the caveat that I said Georgia to me is a really good Georgia plays Oklahoma to the liar. And it goes in Alabama if Alabama place Georgia and Georgia plays Alabama to the wire and Georgia loses by three or loses by six, but they want Toda toe with Alabama. I would say then it's a little trickier for Ohio State because Oklahoma loses the Texas and Ohio State wins big the all of a sudden discount, George I think they probably would. Because obviously the big ten champion for the second straight. You'll be kicking out and saying that you're not you're not gonna make it up. But I would have a tough time with taking Georgia and sitting there if you're talking about the best teams of Georgia says, hey, we played with Alabama. Yeah. He doesn't have to losses and Ohio say that's one that doesn't mean Ohio saints better. So if they're great grading the best teams, I would still put Georgia. In their don't if they would or not. And I think that's where you get the interesting debate one of the areas if Georgia loses. And Oklahoma loses and Ohio State wins. I think there is a big assumption that Ohio State gets in. But I don't know if that's if that's true. But because of the lack of respect that that that thirteen member committee has for northwestern, which is evidenced by where they have the Wildcats in their poll that is something I think we need to watch for. Well, here's what's going to be interesting to guard this Ohio State wins by three to seven. Okay. And it's a northwestern who they don't have a lot of respect for plays, Ohio State tough. And almost wins the game, but loses close one and Georgia loses by ten to Alabama is still enough for Ohio State to get in is that I don't know. I don't know that that's going to be tricky. And that's where. Is ways if I'm Ohio State, I'm going out, and and you already know this because this is an eight o'clock game. So when Ohio State plane, northwestern, they will have no what happened with Oklahoma. They will have known what happened with Alabama Georgia, and that will indicate and dictate what needs to happen there. Okay. Because if Alabama beach Georgia by fourteen to twenty one Georgia's not a factor for Ohio State, and if Alabama wins, we know it's Alabama. Clemson Notre Dame, so focal homo loses at noon, all high of state has to do. Then Dari is win the football game. Just win the game. And you're in if that's scenario played out if Georgia plays, Alabama, tough, Ohio, but loses Ohio state's gonna know. We got to win this game by a big margin. So how about this would? It's okay. Let's say Georgia beats Bama or Georgia loses by that three to seven margin to Bama and Oklahoma destroys Texas Georgia's in Okinawa Obama's, but. Yeah. Watch for north western to beat Ohio State. Oh, you're saying because they'll have got it completely deflated team who shot in a playoff is likely gone. Right. Yeah. That's with this Buckeye team. Would that surprise you one bit because I'll know I shot. Yeah. Exactly. I think you have to wait and see on the the key thing is Georgia Georgia is a team. We know as a ton of offense of talent defensively. Yeah. The Pash rush has been an issue. They can't they have not been able to get after the quarterback. They haven't been able to get interceptions. Okay. Their ninety ninth in terms of of getting after the quarterback interceptions one hundred ninth. Okay. They just they they don't get it us. Oh, cool to have trouble. If you can't pressure him. They don't have anybody. Dr entree Walker at six and a half sacks. Nobody else on that team has more than one and a half sacks. Russia. Yeah. So this isn't a team that had those great this does and Monte racist. Good, but he's not roquan Smith. So this Georgia defense are they going to be good enough?.

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