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You can follow us on Twitter at golden winged gore Instagram at golden window. So we're talking about about the NC double A, Mike. But there's a story coming out of the this an interesting one soft more from Arkansas, Daniel gaffer. So now we've seen this in college football with bowl games other than the playoff games. The top four teams in the playoffs. We've seen players skip bowl games to get ready for the NFL draft. This is the first we've seen a this one. I believe is Arkansas sophomore. Daniel Gifford is going to skip the Razorbacks up. Upcoming appearance in the NIT to focus his energies on preparing for the two thousand nineteen NBA draft. That's what it's coach Mike Anderson said now, this is a guy and gaffer thought about declaring last year after his freshman year came back to Arkansas for a sophomore year. He led the team in scoring rebounding and blocked shots. Six foot eleven center. He's ranked the thirty first overall play in the two thousand nineteen NBA draft prospect rankings number three center among prospects expected to declare so his team was in the first round of the SEC tournament. They finished seventeen and fifteen. He was thinking about leaving last year came back for this year. They're seventeen and fifteen going to the NIT, and he said not gonna do it not going to deal with it. Just going to start going preparing for the draft. Let me be clear about this. You mentioned this coach, Mike Anderson. He said he could have left us last year. But came back and develop a better they'd come back for a second year. I know teams that pass on the United. Why have no problem with a player potentially going into the? The draft passing on the NFL. Said we're not going to the IT up. So with all due respect to the tournament has a great, no luxuries history. It's just not that anymore. So I have no issue with this. This one player saying, hey, look, I'm a borderline first round pick to begin with. If I can do some things in this time to improve my status because Mike, you know, how different it is from college basketball to the college football player in the draft. You're not guaranteed anything. If you're the back half of the first round of the NBA draft act. They write that where you get third fourth rounders going in and starting right away in the NFL right on the college draft. So yeah, this what we're dealing with less people as well with only two rounds as opposed to seven rounds the number of players that are actually drafted of will we see more of this kind of thing not so much in the end. We always ask what's next for in college football. It's not a ballgame. Not associated with the final four. Then would it ever be associated with the final four? Then would it ever be a situation, Nick Bosa? But not injured Nichols. Who was hurt? People thought could he come back, but he didn't. But a guy who has not heard a guy who was healthy after seven eight games and his team is not going anywhere saying, you know, what I'm bagging it for the rest of this regular season. You always wonder where the next step will take you wonder if this will continue to happen. And will it happened at teams that make the NCAA tournament right as well. All phone guests that have joined us on the shell Pennzoil performance line. And it kind of almost came to that this year Mike with what happened with Zion actually, right after the shoe gate lack of a better term at Cameron indoor. There are a lot of people that want. Hey, man, should even risk coming back. And because he was already going to be the first pick in the NBA draft at that point. That was known. It was pretty obvious that that was going to be the case. But he decided men I wanna play and Duke is certainly benefited rim coming back. You know, what listen we would all understand it. It's his life. It's his worries wanted to get drafted his his money. He can make the decisions that he wanted to not a bit of a different age right now. So if that's the route he would've what went I would not have sat here and chastise him at all four that being said, I love what I hear heard him say about that. He said wanted to come back with my brothers. I wanted to come back with these guys that I've been sweating with and working with you know, I feel I ordered to them. We're all we're all a great group here. I loved hearing what he had to say about the teamwork and wanting to be part of the team. So while again, I wouldn't have credit chastised for not doing because it's his choice. I loved what I heard out of the team aspect is I on and I love what Jay Williams said to say to us about Zion. Williamson because we see him as a player, right? Jay is talked to a bunch. And he says he's he's he's a great guy and a great individual off the court as well. Whatever you see someone become I mean, he's not a basketball player. He's transcended started out question and with less than one one full season. In college basketball. He has become that guy. So we'll see what happens with him going forward and do throughout the tournament much more in the tournament tomorrow, by the way, don't forget to fill out your brackets closing in on seven point five million. You can do it on ESPN dot com or the ESPN app. Coming up on tomorrow's, golick and wingo on Wednesday. We'll have tweeted or deleted major league baseball opening day and many many more things about.

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