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Exactly and they should be proud of a if mark zuckerberg doesn't disallows them to come into facebook headquarters and asked any questions you should be proud of that let's face it you know could it get the real story for montoc the guy of course not going to break down to go i'm so sorry you call to yes that's going to happen you have to use proper real sources for that real proper gentlest so getting not getting access to zuckerberg that had these companies if if you really doing you proper job is should not be a big loss right so anyways yeah it's speaking of doing the right thing the ftc's and you put this as ours technica argh i actually read this one the ftc warranty voiding language like nintendo's in sony's is a legal ftc warrants companies stop voiding warranties for unauthorized repairs we this those stickers yes void if seal is broken exactly that's a legal and they keep doing it and they keep enforcing that even though it's an illegal activity yep can't tell me i can't repair my l thing and voids my warranty that's just that's illegal yeah and i it's about time that the c start sticking up for people's rights like this well the problem with the ftc is that like many tried represent trite representation bodies so consumer representation bodies that provided by the government is you know there are small organization compared to the job the half sedate so enforcement for them is very very difficult and very very expensive particularly the the companies that sean to enforce push back and then you end up with a little seat so you know they're always on the great when they do things like is unfortunately companies will continue to try and get away with that and they nobody knows that they apparently they sent a letter warning these company says six companies not the united states it is but yeah there are well i she.

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