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Really stood out to me and really surprise very impressed about yeah and as big as the company's Gotten I think they've done such a good job staying true to their values and It seems like everyone like my man Josh like something like a like say Oh Josh are you happy you're here can't can't wait for the season or excited we did talk about that like okay moving across the country and I'm going to I'm going to pursue this dream and just kind of talk about talk about that grind and that that across the country you sucked it up and you worked in a refiner and you fish salmon for how long was that that was a whole summer so thinking about from Spring uh-huh once they hit they don't coward they just they see through and I think that's the biggest thing obviously not talking about your story in no you working at the boiler boilermaker and then visit Sam like those things are adversity and you've fought through it and then it's like okay if I can get through this and start this and then everything after that is smooth sailing so quote unquote yes a lot smoother right I want this it's interesting you said that because one of my quotes that kind of got me through was was was rough waters now smoother waters later right because it's so hard sailing analogy right really rough waters but we'll get to those smoother waters later it takes a tremendous amount and I think people have to have that resolve because like I said nothing comes easy right you're sitting at the table with probably two of the big dog lovers in the world to talk about that talk about the genesis of the name raising cane's and and how you came up with it yeah and so so you know reconstructed the place they'll northgate savell issue in baton rouge going to open up didn't have name a friend said you know what my my dog Ella lab raising cain his name call him came shorts always out there with me the construction site and Dane firms like hey y'all named after your dog raising cain raising cane's became for short and then uh I loved it because I'm a guy like y'all and so so we named it and then cane he came the Moscow that one restaurant great pitchers of it had no idea that you know become a mass got a growing across the country and everything that's we're on the third cane now second cain was a was a pet therapy dog my wife loves pet therapy really sweet dog you you have to have a dog that can jump into a hospital bed with a child right you know she loved doing that a thorough and I think she's going to be one to be able to be one all yellow lapse suggests thing about that process that yeah you know what I'm a name raising cain after my dog that's hilarious that's cool what's your name your dog name on Dog Nova after Villanova so I I guess I feel you I feel you on that you named all three dogs came and so I'm just like I I was trying to find something compatible to Nova I don't want to name her blue I don't want to name a wildcat might the next dog I don't want to be a boy yeah I don't want him to be blue wildcat villa by I think I'm GonNa just go like nobody was like a stall right no definitely not going to be day right like nobody is also a star somebody just go I'm a name him Apollo and just kind of go to start like space cool name I like dollar I like blue MMA blue blue's clues time like light like that's what I think of blue as you want the movie old school do more I've seen you imagine school would do my boy blue blue I'd say that every every time I've called we've got some hot wings we're doing from weed out wings Oh yeah we probably we'd wings and we thank you I try to have like the the knick Knack Patty Wag baby and the kind of so I'll see you I love you guys are dog lovers I heard that too what what kind of deal like I got a Rottie have a lab mastiff automatic that's cool yeah so we got ever seen a lab mass two big dogs so I like Aubrey's you know what I want I really really want is a wolf but actual like I want a real wolf yeah yeah so I had so I had one for a little while he this is really where we call them mystery he came by my house every night midnight and it's a wolves do they rather go round can tell he's a full wolf and took him like a month at night to come up to me and I think they think he was like a dog or something like that and he escaped because he's real cowardly in the beginning anyway got him took him to the vet and he said man you're not kidding about twenty five percent German shepherd the rest will and in the same neighborhood where the guy went this time he would see him as well and so he wanted to have them and I broke my heart I had to give him my wolf that one another wolf great dog about this tall like dire wolf another one of those dire wolf I think of game of thrones I've eaten dog dire wolves dogs dire wolf skull actually Dr Wolf Skull that big man I heard you collector allied to collect interesting things yeah yeah so like dinosaurs are cool t rex skull and a sword ceratops put museums go round I got a Elvis's sunglasses original ones you're wearing earlier came out like a special ball they originally got his original pairs as TCP on the side will diamond ep in the metal whoa why whoa where did this first of all how did you get these things why why would you like you know what I just love collecting here people collect cards what I do my people my business community I mean I think it's fun to get some stuff out of this world wide dinosaurs interesting Elvis Presley you know what a cool guy right those glasses came on the market icon ick right worldwide icon thing really cool to remember once while ago and you come down we'll go party Lebel glasses out makes for a good time what did you say on the market like what market in the note like it's different brokers that do this for a living they'll hear the other is through the years the ground whatever so they know where different things are things come up socks he got it from some guy in Europe and it was up to two thousand eight when the economy tanked then people had unload stuff so I got stuff for cheap during that time I save my money and got the big finesse asset went later on yeah yeah so heritage auction sites and things like that will happen but and you can you by you know by those but some of the stuff I do here's something interesting actually owned a Martin Luther King's Erse Wow well yeah I have it in Baton Rouge museum now we're thinking about putting Xavier in New Orleans or am I put the African American Museum in DC but through these different people that around this thing would ended up rusting in a garage somewhere nobody getting to see it nobody would be around it. I'm a donate to the foundation once I know it can move around the country I don't WanNa leave it at one museum and this have it there I wanted to maybe it's every four years five years or something like that he goes to big population in the country where bike and see but that's a piece of speech of American history needs to be seen how long have you had it a couple years output in Baton Rouge a little over a year ago and fully restored in really incredible really incredible and and is that like the main reason why you collect somebody's things just cool to you but also just to pass those on that story besides Elvis glasses not having the stuff in my house but but yeah put in museums and things like that and I think also too is is that if you get it the right deal it's actually an appreciated asset money way I'm gonNA donate to charity to museums anyway but this up in the interesting just to get back to canes a little bit and you talked about you said we've donor under as well as the FRY cook obviously you know when you built that first restaurant you're and they're literally building with your hands and then you're working you know the register cooking everything how important is it as an owner now to be ground level and and sort of be face to face with customers yeah so I think it's everything I think it has everything to do I mean that's what I do I'm a frock cashiers everybody at Canes we have twenty over twenty in crew members now right now five hundred locations and growing and for us is is like if you're working accounting raising cane's you're an accountant anti-fraud cashier we do what we do is we serve our customers and everything comes from those restaurants so you go through canes we get recognized how friendly our crew is right I'm gonNA cashier so upgraded everything in that restaurant I want my crew to be happy we take pride in what we do and we service our customers great we have good time while doing it right and so I think all that came from how hard it will us for me to start the business and since it was so hard our culture is built on appreciation like I was appreciative that my crew worked hard with me to make my dreams come true right my customers came and support me community groups came out in support of me sending me at all it's built around appreciation all that everything giving back so I told you all this thing I'm on them thanks about purpose in life my purposes people come in the first job be great learn how to good values working hard but having fun giving back doing things for the right reason uh-huh yeah all those things these are basic building blocks but it makes a difference man says while people canes are happy we're all in this together one team you know if you take that through and you think about in business you gotta have the same values and what's good for you has to be good for your crew right so our weekends I work nights I work all the time not all the time just like my crew doesn't but I do all this but I'm not going to work coming up Thanksgiving Day I'm going to be my friends and family so we're not I'm not going to be a day that I would work crews not gonNa Work Christmas Eve Evening Christmas the other thing of advice for aspiring businesspeople is and I mean I think the number one secret recesses treat people right beat treat people right and get back that's what we wanted to touch on because biggest companies gotten you mentioned twenty thousand crew members sometimes when you get that big it can be really difficult to maintain company culture and mission but seems like the bigger you get happier people get in the more they haven't and working and obviously you've received a lot of awards for your leadership abilities in for you know you you guys score off the charts for employee happiness and stuff like that so you kind of see going to just touch it touch again on on you guys maintain that culture although appreciate you say at least it's fantastic question so as you grow you my main job is to make sure we don't lose our culture right so how do you how do you maintain staying focused on that whenever whenever lose our focus right and so for my focus is about crew member now I do is hiring great people would be my partners and every one of these restaurants they're the leaders out there that are making this happen they emulate the same values I do they have the todd graves and their restaurant you know and so they do the same thing with our crew we our people that are like call it serving leaders they have a thing called servant leadership we call it serving leaders you like certain people and having fun like serve everybody might company and they started my customers in no it's important values I've always layer so look I ranked number twenty eight see you on the country by glassdoor think about that United States of America all facets is restaurants so it's value so they're the ones that make that happen right so it's really about having the right people the right people that are showing the value your company and me personally you know build yeah I mean you know touched on earlier I think to do one thing and do charity anybody else I mean just if you can concentrate and don't be all things all people what you're good at do it focus on it and I want to be the best at it and that's made game our our mantra of our company knows raising cane's chicken fingers one love there's a.

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