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Two four CBS eight five five two one two four C B, and I told them. During the break. I actually got the WWE network for they had an offer. I couldn't pass ninety nine cents over every month for like, two months. I said the hell with it to get the boys will eventually like wrestling, and I'd take a trip down memory lane, baby. And I had to watch the ninety two Royal rumble. There's Rick flair number three in Bobby the brain heat in the late. Great, Bobby, the brain Heenan gorilla monsoon, nobody nobody. And I love JR. I loved you as a person and as an analyst as a play by play guy. I love Jim Ross love him dearly. Nobody was better than gorilla monsoon. I'm sorry. No one painted the picture better than gorilla. You go back to wrestlemainia three ninety two thousand on their feet the roof for the silver to explode here as hulk HOGAN came out to take on Andre the giant to defend the W W F world's heavyweight championship. Nothing better. And then when Rick flair comes in number three after Ted DBS's eliminated with sincere, Sherri, looking as great as she's ever looked God rest, your soul and teddy be he's walking out and the buzzer goes off. And here comes Rick flair with Mr. perfect in tow and the cameras zooms on RIC flair and the crowd. You can feel the electricity and here he is the nature boy his debut in a WWF in here. He is to claim the world's heavyweight championship. I mean, what a what a what a show what a show. So this weekend is the real rumble. Everybody's asking me. I don't watch much contemporary wrestling. I tell you all every day. I tell you every time. So I looked at some of the sports books out there. They do have cable on it some way somehow again went on the end rocky. But whatever. I'll take Kenny omega plus two thousand. There we go eight five five two one two four CBS eight five five two one two four two two seven. Now. I was going to get to the Carson Wentz stuff. But what the hell, Tom? These calls are outrageous people wanna talk. They want to talk about the saints. Call. Leave it to you. I mean, gosh, I just wanted some diatribe got my stuff in about. About RIC flair. So I guess we'll just talk to you guys about the saints real quick. So you know, my stance on it. I sympathize with states with saints fans, we've had some people who haven't I do you only get certain opportunities here and for the American sports fan. I just brought up. Rick flair to me is one of the greatest entertainers in American history. I mean that for the regular person, we're not talking high society, we're not talking yoyo Ma we're not talking the Cleveland Symphony Orchestra. We're not talking that. But for the regular fan out there for the regular person in America. Rick flair in the three hundred years of American history is one of the greatest entertainers in American history and for people out there. They love professional wrestling. That's the thing that those people like, and there are people who. Yes, believe it's real there's people out there who who who definitely love everything about it the embodiment of it. It's just so cool. And the reason I do like the history of it is that it's America. It's big things pop it off its fireworks. It's the spectacle. It's what it's part of what makes the country. Great. It really is no matter what we got going on. No matter what the problems that. We may have it's part of what makes the country fantastic and fun. So wrestling fans, really dig it. And they really love it. And there are saints fans out there that for whatever reason it might be. And this what makes football special is that for them and their family. It's a shared experience baseball. We get so nostalgic about baseball. It's the national pastime, and you have usually a personal relationship with someone about baseball. Usually, it's fathers and sons I remember my first Indians game as long as I live. I was five years old. I was sitting down the third base line. It was my late uncle my father. I got foot long hot dog Albert bell hit the first ever home run ever saw the left centerfield fence at Cleveland municipal stadium. And the Indians won thirteen nine over the Texas. Rangers will never forget it. It's a personal relationship with your father in new or your mother and your grandpa or something like that. Basketball can be the same thing can be a little bit different. I think a lot of the history and how we feel is over the last couple of generations with basketball. It's not as old as baseball even football, especially with college football. But but but the NFL the NFL's gathering it's easier together it's once a week. And really it's it's ten times a year. So it's very special because the reason you're a sports fan is it just because you like the saints, and you like their colors you like the player you didn't just like, Pat swilling. And that's the end of it. You had a family member who was involved, you have family members who were involved, it's a gathering you get together to same reason on serious about this. It's the same reason. We celebrate thanksgiving and Christmas and Easter I'm not saying football's a religion, I'm not trying to be crazy about what I'm pointing out is that we gather for it. Share our days, we share our lives together, we share stories together. We have other things that happened during the game that we remember forever forever. Whether it be an uncle who got to loaded, whether it be an aunt who got mad at that. Uncle grandpa sitting in his chair, and he has to sit in that chair. And there's a reason for it, whatever it may be there's a part of our personal history. That's in there. So for a saints fan to be upset. I can't tell that saints Eggert over it can't do it because the saints history. Hey, I know that that drew Brees been there for a long time, and they've been playing very well for a long time for the most part a very long time. But that history before has been not kind to hardcore saints fan, and you never know what's going to happen in the future. So these trips deep into the playoffs. They can create heroes rape people. We loved characters that we love for generations because they're part of our favorite memories. But they can also create heartache into experience a championship to experience fun. It's not just being able to hoist the trophy, you feel like you're a part of it. That's the beauty of American sport. Whether it be pro, whether it be college, whatever you feel a connection as a community, it is a civic pride. So when that happens like it happened last Sunday. And yes, drew Brees threw a pick afterwards. They could have made a stop. They could've played. They could've taken advantage of the opportunities that were handed to them in the first quarter could have done all that they didn't and they lost. And you might be able to say fair and square, but people saw that call. They thought that call was ridiculous. I thought that call was ridiculous. And if you really want it fixed. My stance is put their jobs online more replay. You're probably gonna lead to more problems and a good coach. We'll be able to job the system if it comes to pass interference because I'll wait on easy pass interference calls it until it actually counts in the fourth quarter. If I'm down six, and it's before the final two minutes were I'm still in control of my timeouts, and I'm still in control of my challenge. Like, you're telling me I can challenge pass interference. And I'm only down at touchdown. Thank you very much. We just took the lead. And you don't even know it. Because that'll happen week one eight five five two one two four CBS get to you. Larry, South Carolina, you've been more most patient your first up on CBS sports radio. Go hitler. Larry. Larry wasn't that patient, Gregory and Tennessee, are you there? How's it going? Gregory let her ride baby it's going. Well, okay. I'm gonna say first off disclosure. I am not a saints fan. And I will hand down give the rest credit forgetting what I would say over ninety five percent of the calls. Correct. And especially you know, with the bang bang happening fast. They don't have the luxury of instant replay with seven hundred different angles and slow motion. And and all the three sixty stuff that we have watching TV. It's amazing the job they do. But that said I'm going to disagree with your partner there earlier who said, you know, the Saint Louis by not being able to close out and then not being able to do it in overtime. Never would I believe like for example, the patriots game where the back judge called the roughing the passer blow to the head when he was totally out of position to make the call. I thought it was a bad call. But I'm not gonna say that that call absolutely determined the outcome of the game because they're willing to way too much time in the game. And who knows they go for it on fourth and Brady does his magic. And they keep on and they still score and the Cain goes the same way it went. But in the saints game. I mean, it's it's undeniable that he had made that call it have been first and at what like the three or something like that. Yeah. First and goal at the three minute forty five left Rams only had one time out left. So even if they call that time out saints can still run off eighty seconds off the game clock. And then they're stuck with the ball down there on the three fifteen seconds left over that call did determine that game's outcome. Gregory. You're going off of what Thompson? I agree with you. Because it just because in the end they did afterwards. They could regroup. They could have got their job done. Any still could have won. They still gonna win that game. Their failure to do their job though. Still does not make it okay? For the failure of the referees to do their job and they do their job. And I'm not going to call them the for that guy to be fired. Because who knows maybe I mean, so far as I know the reps in the playoffs and the Super Bowl are supposedly the best of the rest throughout the year. They put them together for these games. Now if that guy made one bad call maybe he's a great rep the rest of his career. I'm not gonna have him fired for that one call, but I'm going to steal the guy who called a couple of times before me kinda stole my thunder. The rule is that in the last two minutes of both periods. It's automatic any scoring play or any per over is automatically reviewed by the people back in New York. I would give them I wouldn't give the coaches anymore challenges. But I would give the raft back in New York. The ability to stop the play and say especially on a play like that where is going to determine the outcome of the game. Stop the play and say, hey. You go look at a replay you missed it. And that's. Mike and lengthened the game a whole lot and it returns integrity to the refereeing of the sport. If you do that, I think that that's a reasonable reaction to a Gregory. And thank you very much for the call. I think that's a reasonable reaction to what I point bring up about putting their jobs on the line is that I rather do that. And I hate saying that and I I do eight five five two one two four CBS the reason I'm okay with saying it is because it's not their fulltime job. I think we call for people to be fired way too much. We call for people who make simple mistakes, and sometimes got Reggie mistakes at times, we call for them to be fired or loser income way too much, and then we do away too much is the society with social media. And with the impact that we have. And we don't realize that they have real true. Meaning to those words, so I don't say him lately. The only thing I can think of is that you fired Hugo cruise for a regular season mishap earlier this year, which hadn't fired anybody during the season what forty years before that. So now, you're in a big moment here and what Gregory says is right? But if I'm going to put a guy's job on the line for it. That's to me the only logical answer. That's there that this affects your. Job for the long term. I'm not talking. I'm not talking high school football. I'm not talking college. I'm talking the NFL. The average salary is two hundred two hundred thousand dollars a year. That's average so make more obviously, so make less, but it's obviously something that's sizable there. So if you make that much on it, I know you do it for the passion. I know you do it for because the love of the game and everything like that. But I also have to look at what's reasonable and what's equitable, and what holds us to a higher standard. And I think there needs to be understanding that if you cannot perform this job just like a player a player loves football player loves his craft. If a player can't perform his job. He's out of there. If a referee can't perform it. I'm sorry. I have to look for another referee eight five five two one two four CBS. It's almost like the same thing. As a kicker. It's a zero sum game, David, Indiana. You're next up on CBS sports radio. Yeah. First of all, thanks for taking my call. You know, I'm I'm looking at many games in my life over the last forty years that I've been watching sports I've seen a lot of bad calls that'd be Termine games and determined championships. And I just think that we you when you watch the game if it's perpetrated against you, you, you know, you up there and complain. But if you'd have been a ficiary of it, you don't say anything, so I tell the saints fans and suck it up because if it was against the Rams, they wouldn't even care. You know, they just would have taken the that's not true either. You heard Nicole Roby Coleman right after I heard the crowd. I thought it was going to be bad news, and they didn't call it. He said, of course, it was pass interference. He said it himself. Those were his words he said. Thank you. That's true. I mean, I give you that. But I'm just saying, you know, they wouldn't be making as much of it. If it had been not perpetrated against the Rams, they wouldn't. Turnaround. Stan, hey, y'all suck it up. You know, I would say, and I still say that's wrong. You only get so many chances to do it. I, you know, we we do this with fans a team is different..

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