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It's definitely new and social media social media has absolutely also shown a light on like this is what a narcissist looks like. And I hopefully with this type of conversation that we're having on this podcast today. And I talked about it on my social media helps you shine a light on like, oh, that's when our says looks like or like am. I mean our system, and I in our system, I think there's a rule of thumb that says if you can recognize that you're in our success. You're probably not you're probably not 'cause you're there's a level of self awareness. That's there that is lacking true narcissist. They do if you I've called a narcissist a narcissist to his face and associate path as well. And then in in not a nice way. Like, how do you say that you can't was like, oh, no. I literally sent to this person. He's an actor. Of course. I said, yeah. Oh, no. Because we got into an argument, and he what he he was saying some crazy shit. And I said, oh, no, you're a sociopath. And which is we can talk about sociopathic 'cause there's a fine line there on this done on a spectrum. But he also was a narcissist. But I call them associate and then within like a month. And I said we need a break. I can't talk to you. We need some space. He text me like a month later. Hey, can we hang out? Again. See this is what I don't do. I recently just had this situation with somebody who I wouldn't necessarily say that there are narcissist a sociopath because I feel like they are more muted. But then you start to realize that it comes in all different shapes and sizes and colors and techniques. And it's not always people who are outwardly like problematic. And I think that's what people are thinking people feel like if the person isn't somebody that's like agree GIS and gregarious, and you know, really out here like showing they ass. It's like, oh, well, they must not be in our system. But I think that we have to understand that there's there's different levels. And there's different versions. Absolutely. And then you have to figure out is this narcissism, or is this someone who's a full-blown narcissists? Right. And it's tricky it's very very badly. Luckily, I've done the research for all of you. So you just listen to this. You'll be fully vetted to know whether or not you fucking with a narcissist. I think that for ourselves we can value narcissism as this little extra level of like. It's like a power boost. It's like that. Turbo. You know, you'll be playing outrun at the. At the arcade. And you'd be like driving you drive in with the steering wheel. And then they're like, you could be like, but but. And that's like what pushes you pass..

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