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Reason. Bull sean you answer the question right there at the woman should feel the same way like like what about the daily living in their own head. And until you are you can only be friends with your ex if you are clearly completely over that person and all things clear. Some people can't be friends with their exes. That's true Listen and she has her own problems to. This woman is bitter about other stuff. So it's rolling over city. And i've told him that i'm like yo bro. Like you're a toxic right now. You just got out and everything and all. This is like nudie you when you were with me. Everything was healthy. You're in a toxic situation. A you need to get out. Do you need help like what's going on because you know what i'm saying doesn't make any sense for me for my experience. You know. I have three baby mothers. And i had the new girlfriends know all the relationships. I've been seventy eight relationship and it's never been an issue with me with the new girlfriend or whoever would being threatened by the baby. Mother never had that issue. We just moved with our lives and kept pushing these women that i was. Would everybody's different sean. You have these sean. Did you hear what you said. You said the women. There's a difference between women and girls right. Well you know. I think all you women need a giant therapy meeting wound good. Everybody needs therapy. Nothing done is done at exactly. We've been talking about this for ten minutes. That's the exact approach. If it's done it's done. Everybody goes on with their lives. Don't make like men. Don't get jealous either. Though right yes into say when you go over there. I'm going with you dog over there by yourself. What is he calling you for. You can't grown now fit name one. No you're right. There's men out there that all of a sudden when you start dating the baby mother all of a sudden the fall will wanna come over six extra times during the day to make sure. The kid is fine when that is not even the point. The case sean. You're absolutely right. Us men need to get it together to you. Can't sit there. Do a sean harvey or do whatever you do. Leave one family for the next and then your baby mobile your ex-wife get into a relationship and then all of a sudden you mad you're absolutely right barbie. Laugh at me all the time. When i say this and i say it and joking way but zillion a little bit when you are in when you have a relationship sometime people can't they don't go back with but they feel comfortable with going back sleeping with that person because people don't view that as cheating if they slip with the person already what i know. What is what is that. No serious like they say is not new. So it's not cheating.

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