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That allow series. So larry will take pitcher and he puts it one set when i swing and the fall classic. That isn't the case here is riley with a ball center to nothing. Cut off by mccormick. But it's an rbi drying hearing dame law dodgers antic row ball right side. Grace that is already seven hits by the braves against valdez valdez. Just trying to fight stand came this one as a rocket into lau tat here. The third eddie as duval goes deep what a star to game one to the graves and even arna texas the brains of taking game. One are three wins away from a world series championship. America's team taking game one last night of the world series the The fall classic. Going on and yeah. Yeah yeah i. I'm honestly thinking about throwing away all my colorado rockies stuff and and becoming a fulltime braves fan i am i am not just. I've been cheering for them for a couple years. Now i'd love to see the rockies. Be there but i am in a football state. A football driven state baseball. I'd rather go watch baseball game than football game. I really would is weird. That sounds i love. Rock tober was one of the my best childhood memories and not really childhood but still one of my best memories was rock tober and watching that game last night I it's hard to think you know what could've been. i know. the braves went on to win. Six two two was you heard. Joe bucks call On fox last. Night charlie morton. If he doesn't go out with a broken leg he was dealing he was dealing. He took a line. Drive off the shin Broke his leg and then pitched for like another inning and a half before finally it was too much for him to to deal with but the braves are hot right now they are hot and it just a reminder a reminder of what a good front office can do for a team. This team was forty nine. And fifty one at the all star break. They whole losing record at the all-star break what another plan for the world series and they're up one over the astros without their star player without ronal kuna junior. I think freddie still the star but he's like one a and one. B ronald is is stupid. Ronald out They they lost another pitcher too. And i'm totally blanking on his name right now. He tore his acl Excuse me not as acl his achilles. So what are they. Do at the all star break. What do they do right. Before the trade deadline they go get jorges solaire. Jorges layer in his leadoff at bat to start the world series goes yard. I bat batter of the world series. Cranks one left. What else do they do. They go get eighty. Rosario resigned batting four seventy six in the play offs and he gonna do out at second base last night. Those are two dudes that they just brought in d. rehabilitated. Happy having pitchers yes is it. Mike saroka yeah mike. Sirocco scirocco was dealing in the first half of the year. He tears his achilles. And they guys like charlie morton they get god. Wouldn't that be great if that was happening in colorado if the rockies were even in the play offs. I love watching the fall classic. I love watching play baseball. But it makes you feel all what could have been what could be with the colorado rockies and yet they still don't do it and they still continuously continuously lose But the braves and astros back at it tonight. Braise looking to go up to. Oh in that series. It's going to be a fun one. It will be fun. It cracks me up last night of the unc coaches show. Jerry shem last. Ed makara who you pulling for and he goes. Oh baseball still on. I liked that answer from a college football coach i do. He's locked in. he is locked in. He said he goes wait. A wake me up when it's almost over and Jerry goes well. It is almost over throughout series starts. Tonight he goes. Yeah but it's seven games in football. You get one and i know that wears a lot of people the wrong way but there's there's so much intrigue behind it and what. I do love about baseball. That other sports are trying to to the nfl. Does it pretty well. There will not be a back to back champion. There's not been a backpack champion since the late nineties in the. Mlb you love that you love that. There's been dynasties thrown in there like the early two thousand san francisco giants i would say. That's an absolute dynasty. Tim come and those guys. Buster posey was still there but they never want it back to back the possibility for any team any year is pretty awesome about that. All right hour two coming up sports heavy show today. Still get your thoughts on our 'tatanka girl text line. Good move bad. Move by sea you football blocking out the media for the rest of the week ahead of the boise state game. Gimme your thoughts on that We've got miles bloom heart with colorado and coming up our mark knutson with the inside pitch. He'll be coming up as well. But we gotta talk about ilhan omar. Good goodness. we'll discuss our to coming up. It's no go now presented by the jeanine agencies northern colorado voice one zero three one at thirteen ten. Kfi.

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