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To dismantle the agency for speak with any wensky she's national correspondent at the boston globe she's written interesting piece entitled psalm be agencies or nearly impossible to kill why is it so hard by the way is it just the nature of connections are nobody has the guts to slash it or what you i think know i didn't part of it and you know you care about a thing of like too big to fail and these agencies are almost like too small to say you know it's like so small that like you know getting rid of them i mean really getting rid of all of them does not make any sort of major to end in the you know the the um in terms of balancing the budget and their budgets are pretty small and the each of them has a pretty excited constituency and a group of people who believe who really believe in in that and what they're doing i mean one great example is near the legal services corporation on this organization within the federal government that provides grant to help the poor people in civil cases to that if you have kyle to poor or vix options and this legal services the corporation is act then in every single county in america and so it has the district broad base of support that you know it from one perspective you could say oh gosh you know why the federal government doing the congress is the one that that that funds these agencies and you know it the legal services corporation is incredibly popular because of the reason that it it it does a lot that um members of congress wanted to report resume any wednesdy chief national correspondent at the boston globe reminder by the.

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