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A number of races that are up in the air i think in the senate uh you know it's a very different story than in the house uh eight lease looking at it this far out uh you know regardless of what the political climate is going to be like for democrats and republicans this time next year uh the map of senate races is very favorable uh answer aguada red state democrats who are up for reelection next year a ten uh uh democrats are defending seats that are in states that president trump won last november uh republicans are only defending eight seats in total only two of which are considered to be all that competitive so the democrats are playing a little bit more defense in the sat it in the house they're really targeting these 23 districts that hillary clinton beat donald trump in last year better represented by republicans and they only need to pick up twenty four seats as a 24 seat majority so they feel that that gives them a little bit of a of an area in which to to play offense and they look at the district's at the clinton won that are held by republicans and also look at some of the districts that uh trump won but didn't win very impressively so those are some of the things that they're going to be looking at as they try to take back the house how 'bout west virginia i mean it is your chance that uh that a republican wins there well certainly it's a state that trump won by 42 points so it's a place where you would look for a pickup opportunity and they do uh have you know of of republican field of that's growing in that area but joe manchin has kind of protected himself pretty well it seems that uh he is voting in in lockstep with what the west virginia voters seem to want so he sided with trump on a number of issues but he's also broken with trump on things like obamacare repeal and then stuck with his party and at the moment the west virginia voters don't rugby.

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