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Fifty six hundred but they're able to get close enough to this gigantic creature to start cutting lines and it was wrapped in fishing lines it had bullies wrapped around it had acres strapped to its tail it was going to be a goner yeah and what a miserable way to die but after eight hours they were able to free this thing and we love stories like this okay so we've got the soedarmanto try translate i've got pretty good at this level listen to these brian regan uh in our bets on the internet of course and make sure an expert i know i've listened to head i studied long and hard yeah absolutely so i i think i've got a down to this well we don't have a name for the whale so we call them willie mays free sir free willy yeah it's will i gotta give a name wyllie okay so let's listen here here's willie willie talking whoo here's what he's saying why saying mind you why you business what's going on grew and then my whoo limo and snagged wanna dishing line i tried to get lose have swamped by a louis mad that katie as house man cousin on a woman wh those slobby fishermen ooh then in trapped by louise whoa what then and hankers on my tail ooh now mm free the going up why circle the boat whoa to say goodbye there you go that's good neardefault grind as nice while done was cousin man was magazine galahs his life i will a ago willie i like your style okay we've got the tickets to give away this body.

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