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To Brad's point verse has all the potential in the world to be special. He is the one true pass rusher. Florida state has. But he's young. He played it all, but it's a big step up. He doesn't really have a secondary move. All three of those guys need to play well here. LSU's receiver group with Butte and neighbors. I think they could give Florida state trouble. I am actually very nervous about Florida state's defensive backs. They're either really young or they're older guys that have battled injuries and haven't played well. Florida state's number one corner. Marion Cooper missed the opener, didn't participate in warm ups was seen walking with a limp last week. I don't know if he plays or not. He was on the depth chart. Let's see. The other thing that's interesting is Brian Kelly didn't officially announce a starting quarterback yet. Now, he believes it's a tactical tactical advantage. And I'll be honest, I do too. I do think Jaden Daniels gets the job. But him and Garrett nest Meyer are polar opposites. And my hunch is that Jaden Daniels is out there. He gets the first crack at it because LSU's offensive line probably has some question marks in his mobility helps that. And the one thing you do if you throw in the tape last year, Adam fuller's defense struggled at times with mobile quarterbacks. There was a three game stretch last year where FSU played Louisville. Malik Cunningham had two rushing touchdowns and a positive .28 EPA per rush following week. Syracuse quarterback Garrett Schrader 143 rushing yards when you remove sacks. Three rushing touchdowns of positive .31 EPA per rush. The week after that. Sam Howell. A 111 rushing yards. There could also be an interesting situation here. I do think we see Garret nest Meyer at some point. But what if LSU's offensive line is holding up extremely well because Florida state's defensive line is a little bit overrated. And Jaden Daniels isn't connecting with receivers. Nest Meyer is the better thrower. I think we know Florida state secondary struggled to get off the field last year on third down 94th in the country in third down conversions allowed. I am a little nervous about Florida state's secondary again. It's a lot of young kids. It's a lot of upperclassmen that have not proven themselves. It makes me nervous, right? A week before the final transfer period you're adding Malik feaster who's an FCS level cornerback to the roster. It makes me a little nervous. I think this unit's a little bit down compared to what the market believes. Brad, let's hope Florida state shows up on Sunday for paine's emotional well-being and peace of mind. Otherwise, this might be the first and last time that we have to do a deep dive on any seminal football game throughout the course of the fall, but definitely a contest worth watching. I know a lot of LSU fans believe that the program only has one way to go but up in Florida state brimming with confidence that Mike norvell can finally get this program headed in the right direction for what's been a slow rebuild, but one that I think is progressed the way it needs to maintain sustainability going forward instead of a fly by night program. Brad, I mean, if this is the first foray that you've had with the bet the board listenership, I mean, you've passed with flying colors. So if pain comes down with a sickness or anything else, we know we're in good hands going forward. Can't thank you enough for jumping into the fold. We were so excited to get you on board coming into the season. And the first episode, listening to you guys go back and forth as any indication. I know how much smarter I've gotten, let alone what our listeners are going to do to make them sharper, much more sophisticated handicappers going forward, especially as they pertain to the big games will break down also. And I can't thank you guys enough for having me. I'm sure I'll be getting some nasty text after we get off the podcast from somebody that I went after a little bit on this podcast. That's the only way we do things around here. I'm not even going to give him a chance to defend himself. I'll let you guys take that off the air. Best of luck this weekend, Brad with you, I'm sure will be north of 100 bets by the time you finish out your FCS family. Absolutely. Man, bringing bread in to get you two going back and forth and allow me to play point guard to kind of facilitate the dialog. I might just flip on the microphone, show up 50 minutes before we're set to record. And it's going to make my life a hell of a lot easier, giving me a chance to deep dive every game on the slate, even the ones that we're not breaking down. Yeah, you can't get off that easy. And then when you do speak, you just throw jabs then. There is no doubt. Having an ally now in Brad, he took to it like a fish to water throwing haymakers coming off the top rope. If you could have seen the shit eating grin on my face, ear to ear when he just decides, you know what? I might be the new guy in the fold, but I'm not gonna hold back. I loved it and it wore my heart and it's part of the reason I know both you and I work so hard to soft season you a little harder than me, not just this off season, but even going back a little bit further to make sure that Brad could be a part of bet the board and I couldn't be more excited to add another extremely talented handicapper to the fold. Completely agree. And I think the one thing probably that comes off and it's not overly accurate is we might be a little rough around the edges and have prickly textures, but when we let somebody into the family, they're in. And the one thing that I've noticed about Brad is obviously wildly talented and we do some work together. Outside of the forward facing stuff. But just a good human. And that's kind of what we want to associate with in this space. And so very fortunate to have Brad joining us all fall along for the college football element. And hey, he may be doing a stand-alone podcast some point in October when we are celebrating your eventual nuptials. I would say impending nuptials. We'll get to that and we'll share a little bit more details on that because we may do something with bet the board that we've never done before, but I don't want all of our listeners to be extremely disappointed.

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