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You know the normal combine day like a kind of walk me through how the week broke down when it came to you know. Obviously you know doing weigh ins measurements and stuff like that Just kind of walk me through your Your Week. Schedule there So yeah we had. I mean we got there. The first day we had you know the introduction and all that thing And then we. We had meetings with teams. I think I think we had meetings with teams that night. I'm a bunch of informal meetings and the next day was The way in and drug tests and things like that and then we had the hospital visit And then you end that day with more meetings on the next day I think is more hospital visits. And that's when the team physicians are checking you out and everything and then you got sight tests and and more interviews the next day and then finally the last day you get to do what you came here for which is compete on the field So as you can kind of tell us it's a long week but Like I said it was a blessing to be there. Yeah that lasts day when you go through testing were there meetings leading up to the testing. And what is the the actual testing process? Like I heard you know there were times where position groups were just kind of standing around and waiting for things to open up What was the that process like for? You know you guys in the in the tight end group. Yeah so we were the so leading up to to the test as you said Pretending to meetings. You don't really have meetings on Thursday convalesce that he really have meetings as you know Wednesday so Thursday. You don't have a lot of meetings. I think we did one like personality. Testing let's talk a little bit but besides that you really free up until testing Thankfully the tight ends. I was actually thankful we were the first group to go so we weren't really waiting around too much. It pretty got we pretty much on the field In three or four hours But I know some of the receivers and quarterbacks that were after us I heard were there until eleven twelve overnight from what I've heard but From Tyler standpoint. It wasn't too bad because we were the first group says so we pretty much got in and out of there and gone all our stuff done pretty quick yet so with The testing you guys obviously go through a bunch of actual drills. What is it like going through first of all going through the drills? Do you have a favorite drill and a least favorite drill that you go through and then Talk a little bit about what the Gauntlet is like four. Somebody that has never done it before. Because you know we we can watch it and see like Oh you know. Turn around catchable turnaround catchable. And then you catch you know for ball's going down the line but you know a lot of people you know see you know some guys get a little bit off line when they're doing it or drop passer to look like they're fighting. Just how difficult is it to to? You know flip around and locate a football that quickly. Yeah So the first question. I. I don't necessarily have a favorite or least favorite drill I'm I'm pretty comfortable doing any any You know tied ender Pasture run blocking zero anything so pre when it comes to that. I'm pretty much You know comfortable with doing everything. I'm then yeah the Gauntlet To me the biggest thing about the gaulish just paying attention to the details. You know you just gotTA BE FLUID. Run down the line It's not. It's not as difficult as some people. Make it out to be as you said you know. It's turning to catch the ball but you gotta make sure You know you're turning the right way so you don't get you know you don't get a ball from a different direction Try to be under control the whole time. So you're not Kind of a blue tongue of this year. So guys are starting to go a little faster than usual But yeah I mean they're just you rip it out a few times the hang of it And obviously in India you know Once the nerves calm down It gets pretty pretty relaxed and start again. You're element is just go out and do it. Hiring is difficult. You're looking for the just right candidate for your team's unique needs but knowing where to start the search can be according to ziprecruiter research three out of four employers. Say they're having a hard time filling open positions. If you've got a difficult role to fill no matter what industry you're in hire with Ziprecruiter and right. Now you can try Ziprecruiter for free.

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