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Oh at least eight cool monologue yeah of all my skits may ask pregnant to ask cutting the two man as mass pregnant and number two you're in you're in detecting call of duty the you're the technical and i will definitely johnny knoxville here's a here's a detective assault cases like getting and urine sample from you and he would tasty he was drinking you earn rogers american and british forgot what i like they're like the first man despite another man on the but now the tom brady who's a football player throwback thirties first players good players he got traded every team in the nfl because no one understood what was going on here is is good you did you did you write them all down on your head or the guy who worked at all the guy who was a who worked at subway in in but he used to be a bank teller and they they fired him because he couldn't get being a big deal out of his head so he'll make a sandwich you want salami lick it and that's another thing that's what makes a lot of hitmaker that's good so between the bank teller in in a in a car dealer in vegas oh that's good yeah i'm torn between those two but yeah it was either way yeah so so you you don't get renewed i don't know how you don't get renewed as a writer on snl where you had to have been a a low moment no i see i i've always been a god i love the drive his own carmen and i think once you realize what you're worth is in in in what you bring to the table in what you want to do you can't be afraid of me just move and make moves like i knew i wasn't going back for my season for i just i just there's certain things that i knew would not allow me to come back even though they didn't resign me for season for a new one safire my a got rid of my agent who also handled a few other people on the show a already knew if you have anybody speak up for you right why would why would you be going back you know in that same capacity so already knew i wasn't going back i say a lot fires five my agent i don't think i'm gonna be called back because there's no one there to push right tv going back in but i'll i'll i'll comfortable with that you know one of those days where you know they're very saami it'd been great but you know led to curb it some gotta step out the way for something new to come in right you and you can't be afraid to venture out 'cause there's something you know when when you were intentionally make moves you you're driving owned vehicle so you you could choose a take what you wanna take but you also choose to eliminate something you know that you know maybe it was time for me to you know that that opening was the opening i need it if i if i had there's two things have happened and what's l eight to audition curb while i was wild and while therefore friends memorial elif a one day for that memorial had just signed a new agent and also with the agent maybe left in a week and i went l a's and my buddy passed away and i actually mt elliott off it's the ellie officer my agent meet those guys i met him in new york and went through the ellie vert a office meet those guys and i ended up getting or december curb enthusiasm so yeah it's twofold here if i got reassigned but by snl i wanna never been able to curb right cloud in under contract to my buddy then pass away at that particular time.

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