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God delivers his last night we did it in our cisco yes yes he was the lights went out of subdivided be like a light earthquake us up like that the eagles they're running like hailed john sutcliffe with this is what it it just it was very awkwardly wiegert because we had him actually on the broadcast witness it it he was saying hit the you know trying to explain how the balls was being thrown eagles you know they were ceiling is so we will strike why do they have him on they're doing that so we every time you know we mess wittingly cymru the account down when he would come to a bristol but you don't put people in those situations right and i'm sure they got correct corrected in a proud never do it again yeah i'm sure by basta one you know how people overreact yeah come on twitter and also me and if you actual actually listen to what he said if forget about the delivery because the issue the people have is the delivery clearly he was frozen for what he actually said made a ton of sense that oath of life with your guy here on the field from plus just watching fan filth from here what's him now on the screen this diversity in his background as helping him a lot tonight quarterback a colorado defense of back in the nfl and make it as head coach and he's talking about the diversity in his background which was a quarterback epa records it matters a defense arco here so he's got your as well rounded ecowarriors will round or they were restrict rebirth the delivery decatur threat it'll probably was nervous all as berry yes and i was like as as someone who has been thrown into those kind of similar situated you it's every whitten run a sweat griffin do it's nerveracking if you've never dern stumping they've never prepped you or you feel was there so you got experience in something can be nervewrecking we would all the greeted english is my first language.

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