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What is a new video interview for channel five with journalists youtuber on drew what. What's his name is andrew. Why didn't make it too deep. I don't know. Jesus christ dropping clues buddy chad. Hanes if that man identified jamaican. How can you tell him not to jamaica. He can't identify jimmy he's not jamaican his family's not from jamaica do ancestor dna. We don't know okay. No he can't be from doing what they're man feel like on the inside dropping includes buzzer check. Why gua- brad dragged. Oh my goodness all right. Well that is your room report now. Shout to revolt. We'll see you tomorrow. Everybody else to mixes up next eight hundred five eight five one five one is the breakfast. Good morning breakfast club your morning zone. Never beat us. Say the saga continues season two of voting american saga debuts on hulu september eighth the clan. We'll have to overcome even more obstacles. Ads impasse beef as they come together to create the iconic album. Enter the wu tang thirty six chambers catch up with season one now and stream new episodes of season two on september eighth only on hulu more everybody. Cj envy angelini shlomo in the guy. We are the breakfast club. Now let me ask you a question. Why our cars so damn expensive not just exotic 'cause not just luxury 'cause all cars right now are expensive before they said. It was because of the chip. The you know there was a chip shortage. So that's why it it. It still can be shortage. This is ridiculous. All the chips are in the vaccine. I'm playing guys okay. Every time i say something like that as a joke people run with it. Like i really mean it. It's a joke. It's sarcasm okay. I don't know stupid ass articles talking about. Charlemagne is contributing the vaccine with information by the chipping vaccine. It's it has. Jesus christ all right. Well it's crazy i. It doesn't matter if you're looking for hyundai honda or kia a bmw doesn't matter the like everything's overpriced. Which is ridiculous. this is crazy. This is ridiculous china. But i'm talking about anything but i'm just looking at prices. Goodness gracious all right. Well when we come back we got the positive note. The breakfast welcome on everybody is tj. Envy angela yee charlene the guy. We oughta breakfast club and i wanna see you guys out in detroit. October thirty for my car show. Of course we do it. The day before halloween. So we'll have candy for the kids so bring the kids. Dress them up in costumes who give them some candy. We're gonna have best costume contest. So everybody will get something. So is pretty cool. So i want to see you. Guys will also have exotic 'cause celebrity. 'cause games carnival. Ride all types of cool stuff. So i wanna see you guys october. Thirty and south to miami breads dow. Now miami thanks to hickson we can be out there december twelve. And we'll see you guys for the same. I clicked lincoln. My bio for more information. Now charlemagne. yes sir. You got a positive note i do but i want to tell you i man make sure go scream late night. Talk show to god's on his truth on paramount plus also note.

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