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End August 31st. Kirby says withdrawal of forces will allow the US to focus on other terrorist threats around the world, mainly in Africa. We have a crash on the one on one in downtown L A watch out here on the South Found side. That is where you've got emergency crews on the scene of this wreck That's blocking middle lanes just before the 1 10 Freeway Now delays. That's another story. We've got a quite the backup here getting away from Sunset Boulevard. Um, Seeing single digits speech through that stretch is a huge massive. You're considering an alternate like the five. It's slowing down away from the 1 34 freeway. With delays all the way to the 65. Let's check in. With Michael Brian K. F Eye in the Sky sponsored by injury attorneys. Superwoman super lawyer dot com does over Costa Mesa, where there's a tough drive here, building up on the four or 54 or five north, loading up at Bristol, South Coast there Very tough into the construction zone up towards Beach Boulevard into Huntington Beach. It looks like the South outside of the five a little problem with the L Tutorial road. Talk to the right shoulder, just a little pinch off the four or five of the old World wide. Now a very typical price Friday afternoon on that five south out of Orange County into San Diego County. It's a typical tough pattern Looks like that South five loaded up from Camp Pendleton all the way into incendiaries and a little heads up down the line here a week from today, opening date, Belmar, so there's going to be an extra tens of thousands heading down that way, so Plan accordingly injured in an accident visit Superwoman super Lawyer Com Mike O'Brien, KF Eye in the sky, Ana Monica Jamming up on the tenis found from Cloverfield to the five k F Eye in the sky. Help sketch you there Faster! I'm Angel Martinez Hot weekend. We'll talk about that next. If you Your favorite things feel made for you. Your education should too..

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