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In the final weekly is on. What's happening folks rowdy dragging back again. This week's final weekly fantasy update. We've got a tweet break ahead of us. But the olympics and so i have no picks for you for next week so i'm going to do something a little different this week and give you a couple of extra shoutouts. You have all been hanging in there tight with the final fantasy racing. I think it's time to give back to you guys a little bit more. As the green flag drops trade clark leads the final week. We fancy league where he leads up to lap seven where rain strikes worst to first assumes the lead now we cover the cars for a little while. Go fire up the barbecues. Wait for the rain. Go away and after a few more caution laps once they get going again. Lap twenty three lethal lead twenty four gets the lead on the restart but worst to first assumes the lead a lap later and continues to lead until app sixty five where age am racing goes to the point. A jam then leads to the end of the stage. We then go check the barbecue while the bonus points are added after the bonus points are added in stage. One winner goes to makes after the round of pitstops and the stage. Caution fat tire. Twenty two came out ahead of the field lap. Eighty nine eight eight. Three chevy and louisville max get around fat tire twenty two. While fighting for the lead louisville max perseveres on lap ninety five louisville. Max continues his lead over the second place team. Black gold one until lap one forty five the restart on lap one forty six cs elite change with age. Am pulling back into the front of the fancy league speed demon to joined in on the lead at lap. One seventy nine at the end of the second stage age. Am was your leader. But after the bonus point tally the second stage win goes to see l. bickers after the stage pit exchange children's trio and do gong lead the field to the green which children's trio coming out on top leading until lap two fifty one where elliott bandwagon assumes the lead lap to seventy sees children's trio. Take the lead with louisville max and rubbing his reysen trying to close the gap the three race it out until the final lap where children's trio comes home with the victory there. You have it now. we're gonna take a look at the top ten for the race as you heard it. Children's trio came home in first place. Second place rub his race. In nineteen third place louisville max fourth-place black gold one also tied for fourth place. Eight eight three chevy and in the six place dugong fat tire twenty two came home in seventh robbie gauge took the eighth place tied with maybe twenty twenty one and in the tenth place speed demon to holds up the top ten. Were they have it. Folks trying to get as many of those names in there as i can to say thank you for listening to the final lap weekly and to the final weekly fantasy segment. I will not be doing that too often. I bought went cross eyed staring at the leader board trying to get those changes came across but it was a fun little gig so again i hope you enjoyed it and I will be back again next week. With the top ten rundown. We'll see where we stack up for For the season in the final weekly fantasy league are folks. Thanks again for listening. We'll talk to you again next week by like us at facebook dot com slash final lap..

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