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Inflamed this outofcontrol wildfires gobbling of acreage in northern california napa and sonoma counties at least eleven deaths lorries expect more snohomish county sheriff rubbed on we are still evacuating there is no searching there is no looking yet there's a lot of burned homes at a lot of burnt areas it's just wads acl that we're going find more people thousands are evacuated shelters are filling up kcbs reporter matt bigler in neighboring solano counterpart at to community college is going up with cars rvs or trailers both it all folks who have been any evacuations and to get out they are going to do this community center where they can get help from the red cross of is pretty area or seen what happened yesterday they're not take any can't wineries strip malls a lot of homes utterly destroyed smoky wild fire burning in southern california to forcing the evacuation in anaheim hills developments are meagre in the investigation into the las vegas shooter one updates of joe lombardo says before stephen paine maddux started firing on all those people below he had already shot security guard hase's comp what we have learned is mr campos was encounter by the suspect prior to his uh his shooting to the outside world the brady campaign to prevent gun violence today filing a lawsuit against the makers and sellers of bumps stocks devices used by the law the biggest massacre shooter allowing semi automatic weapons to fire like machine guns it's to fund victims of the shooting mounting friction in the white house cbs's steven portnoy with the latest on the president and his secretary of state in an interview with forbes magazine conducted here last friday the president was asked if it's true that the secretary of state call him on moron mr trump replied i think it's fake news but if he did that i guess we'll have to compare iq tests and i can tell you who is going to win rex tillerson will be here at the white house to have lunch with the president alongside defense secretary james mattis but first mr trump will seek the council a former secretary of state henry kissinger deteriorating conditions in already miserable puerto rico cbs's david begg know is there outside of san juan.

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