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Is the home of the Broncos rocky and. This is drive time sports that Cory Lopez on KOA NewsRadio. Look, I'm not gonna sit here and Pat myself on the back, but I set it at the end of the show. Last night. Fifty fifty chance DT was going to be on this team. And guess what? The team any more. He's headed to the Houston. Texans. And it's not I told you. So I just thought the possibility was there. I thought it made sense if they got the right deal, and John Elway apparently thought they got the right deal. Mary's Thomas is going to be in Denver coming up on Sunday. But he's going to be in a different color uniform. It'll be playing with the Houston Texans. I was a little surprised that they made this move with Houston. There were other teams that were involved. We're going to talk about that. The. Confusion. I don't know if it's anger. It's palpable though. I hear I switched around listened to various radio stations certainly Lewis and Logan. Talking about it. It's gonna be interesting being in the locker room tomorrow when we head out to UCLA training center to talk to some of the guys that have played with to Maria's Thomas for most of their careers. Guys at weren't there. As long as DT's through one of the longest tenured Broncos. I mean guy second on almost all the lists. He's behind rod Smith speaking of which we're going to hear what rod Smith thinks about the trade coming up here. John Elway taco bit about it. We'll have that for you. And I want to address something that came out as well about the now number one receiver for the Denver Broncos and his thoughts on being a Bronco. I'm not afraid to talk about what happens on other shows. And it's fine. I don't know. I. To me. It's just part of the conversation, essentially. I don't expect the folks that listening here that are just listing on KOA whether it's.

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