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Out of the race. This early. Some people said that they voted for judge already in early voting. Others are now trying to sort who they're going to vote when the primary comes on Tuesday. Npr's Sam greenglass reporting but a judge finished strong in Iowa and New Hampshire but he faltered in Nevada and South Carolina a federal judge in Washington. Dc says acting citizenship and Immigration Services Director Can Coochie. Nellie was unlawfully appointed to his position. And here's James DUBEC reports. The judge said to of Kuching alleys directives must now be set aside anti immigration hard liner. Kin Coochie. Nellie is one of many officials in an acting position. In the trump administration he's been leading the US citizenship and Immigration Services Agency within the Department of Homeland Security since his appointment last summer. Now Judge Randolph. Moss SAYS THE WAY. Coochie took that position was illegal. The judge says that because Coochie was not appointed lawfully. He did not have the authority to shorten the time. Asylum-seekers have to prepare for interviews with immigration officials. The Department of Homeland Security says. It disagrees with the court's Decision. And we'll be looking closely at the ruling. James DUBEC. Npr News never corona cases. Krona virus cases surged Italy. The country is reporting a fifty percent increase with one thousand six hundred ninety four confirmed cases at least thirty four deaths. Italy has the most cases of the virus outside of Asia and Delta Airlines suspending flights from the US to Milan starting tomorrow. The airline says flights will resume may first and that flights to Rome aren't affected meanwhile in the US Washington Illinois are both reporting. New Cases and Rhode Island is reporting. Its first case health and Human Services Secretary Alex as our says the trump administration is ramping up testing. We now have seventy five thousand tests available out there in the United States and over the next week that will expand radically on top of the seventy five thousand tests available as are speaking there on. Abc's this week is your markets are trading lower at this hour. The Asia Dow is down more than a half percent. The Nikkei the main market in Japan is down more than three point six percent. Us futures contracts are also trading lower. You're listening to NPR news from Washington. Thousands of migrants are amassed along. Turkey's border with Greece hoping to get into Europe. Joanna Kakissis in Athens reports that Greece though is trying to block them. Tv footage from the Greek side of the border shows riot police along a barbed wire fence. The migrants including women and children are massed on the Turkish side.

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