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It's been a long run since I've seen you guys on the bear grease render. It's true. Yeah. You're welcome. This is a monumental day for us. We have the poor life decision. The OGs. The OG original gangster bear grease, render crew here today. I have to my left, my lovely wife, misty nukem, welcome back, misty. Good to be here. Sporting her first parka. Actually clay's first when I'm really cold, I put on clay's really, really big puffy one. So you guys, the last time we saw, I saw you was before I went to Alaska in September. Because you guys did a render without me. On when I was in Alaska, and then the next time we did a render NLS. No. Wasn't that? No, we did multiple renders, and I've been traveling. And so you guys have been out of the picture for a little while. It's like our vacation time. You remember when I asked RT Stewart if poachers are jealous, I'm gonna do the surrender crew get jealous. No. Not me. Not Brent. Okay. I think it's envious. More envy? Jealousy is when you are concerned that someone's gonna steal what you have and envious when you want what someone else has. That's a good distinction. That is a good distinction. Gary, and I were just talking about the render you had with all the folks from back home. Although that was a pretty good record. I was there with me. That was a good rider. Incredible feedback from the render with Scott Andy Steve Phillips, Randy steppe, coy house, Gary newcombe. That was a good one. Those are really good. I really enjoyed the one with James Lawrence and those guys. And Gerald. Yes, that was fun. I would have Gerald brewer on this podcast every week and feet drive up here. I have so many good Gerald for your stories. We need to he's got a head hair like a movie star. So misty's to my left, and then Brent Reeves, who's, I've got little dialog to have together. Brent, welcome. Thank you. To your left, Josh Lambert, spill miker, Josh. Good to be back. Great to see you. Back in the saddle. Great to see you. To Josh's left, Isaac Neil, I'm just happy to be invited to the producer of the bear grease podcast. Got a nice mustache right now too. My wife said, why don't you shave your beard and do a mustache? And I said, yes, ma'am. Did she mean a fu Manchu? Okay, so I had not shaved. 'cause she might not have to throw that out there. There's a different thing. Right. So I hadn't shaved in 11 years at all like anything at all. And so I shaved and as I was going, I was thinking just like the cop mustache, the dad mustache just topped the lip. And then I started shaving and I was like, well, I don't know. So I just kind of stopped. It wasn't even like bottom of the jaw, fu Manchu is just like, that's when it occurred to me. And I was like, well, I'll just find out like she's getting hone an hour and so she came home and she's like, yeah, that's good. That's acceptable. Okay. Okay, we need to probably come back to talking about facial hair and do that. Yeah, after it just after you introduce our last person, because we need to talk about your most recent meteor video. Okay. So into Isaac's left is Gary believer newcombe, who your name came up on the podcast this week. You heard that. I did.

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