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13 18 of you. Okay. The force of the community calling for for 8922703 get you involved in the conversation a door now who do we have on the phone lines? You know, I couldn't end the year without some sob all All right. Sorry, but go ahead. Hey, Robert. Hey, Tony. Yeah, It's too much talking that we owe the whole wook family first. So I just want to ask you a question. Okay, so I'm listening to Bernie Sanders is encouraging Trump to go ahead. He signed the bill, right? Thanks. Now it was just me lose that Trump is really wants to give anybody $2000. He was not in favor of the $600. He never participated in the negotiations. This is all a ploy for him to be the center of attention. There is no He doesn't have any intention of giving anybody $2000 unless it unless he goes back to his pocket directly, But there is no such thing. So I'm just wondering why do the Democrats constantly false were stupid every single time? It just happened without sails. Doesn't say things really believe that this person is going to help them with this. You know they they don't believe that. But what they do understand is you have to win the PR battle around it. And so Trump called their bluff, which was he's trying to claim that Democrats of the reason you're not getting your $2000. Even though we all know that Joe Biden will say malarkey. They don't have to make sense when he said it. So what Democrats are doing by laying down the gauntlet of saying, Look We've been talking about 2000 man, in fact, making 4000. I don't care. Let's sign the bill, so that's what they're trying to do. They're calling down there trying to recall his bluff after he called their bluff and all the Trump is doing and he knows he's leaving. So you're walking out a just laying a big old dump on the front porch of Congress and of the White House because he's putting everyone in an untenable situation. One Democrats are are going to end up in a situation where going into January. Now you're gonna have the public calling for $2000 in stimulus and the Republican majority potential Republican majority in the Senate, Um, that will be able to block that. So when Joe Biden is unable to deliver the $2000 payments Then Donald Trump's gonna hop on his new news network and say, Look, I've been trying to get you $2000. If you just elected me the I wouldn't have the money already. Remember that 1200 got you last year? Don't you know I would've came through for you again? So that's the game that trumpets playing. He's trying to make sure that he can control the narrative, control the Republican Party from the outside and be able to pull the strings of the Democratic Party while not being in power. Is really not the worst idea of it wasn't evil. I live. Let me ask you this. I see. Some evidence indicates that the Democrats have distinct pretty much left up from what I'm seeing him for what I'm reading because the criminally is that Up it literally sabotaging, then winning the Senate seats out of Georgia. I mean, if if, if he was, I don't know if it's intentional or any sport or not intentional. That end result is the same. It doesn't look good for them to win the state. I don't know if you saw that idiot Linwood nonsense yesterday. I mean, it's so crazy, but you're thinking This can't be this stupid, But I know people are this stupid to fall for this So I don't see them winning the two. I could be wrong on this have been long before, but I don't know. I don't believe that one of the holes don't believe a single pole. Not one piece of it. I don't even look at them or read them anymore because they're absolutely inaccurate. But hold on somebody holding home, But we're keeping the cool wind the lounge right now. Morgan, got the candles burn or got hot tubs going. We're good. Come on, down. Stop. Yeah, I am. But like me on this stuff. Stop it. Okay, I'm just trying to explain to you then. The average voter in Georgia. Don't pay no tension to mountain man piece of that. If you go to the mall right now asked him people who Linwood is, If you start asking about the election conspiracy, and we talk about Giuliani and Bere is MMA and Dominion, and all that stuff gets what don't nobody give a damn about none of that stuff. None of that stuff matters. What they do know is $2000 and Trump said Republicans want to give them $2000. Even though I've been running commercial 24 hours a day, seven days a week for the last year, talking about socialism. They know that Republicans want to give them $2000. And so we keep the messaging that simple. We have to understand that it's a very good chance of them winning. And because of that, you have to always run as if you're 10 points behind. Which is why I don't understand why no one else Besides me, has been talking about Kelly Law flirts history where the money came from How much money they owe to leave Li Ka shing and the Communist Party over there in China how much money they got from credit default swaps during the last Financial collapse, which took place how they're invested in the energy set during going to have a senator voting on the Georgia nuclear power plant, how they've been working with China and China's very much invested in the port of Savannah and the expansion the Atlanta airport. The other things we need to be talking about, but no one else is talking about them, Which is why you tune into this show because that's where you get this information from, but yeah, we can. We can keep it cool side, but we don't have to get all up into the mystery That's just Uncle..

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