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Welcome to kentucky split-screen the podcast that always picks the most interesting conversation topics at teatime time. It's august eighth two thousand nineteen. We've got a ton of stuff to talk about. I we cover some news of the week from e._s._a.'s wildly irresponsible journalists personal information to report of some welcome improvements at rockstars notorious lincoln testing student then many breaks sound some of what she saw watching the weekends yvo tournament and i reflect on how fire them has taken over my life then we're joined by kacoos talk riley mcleod to talk about his trip to the night world cup and why it might be that fortnight tends to make people so grumpy because that was off topic discussion of t._v. and books and then unusually optimistic music pick of the week stick around moving. Welcome back to the show as always. We're so glad that you've joined us to talk about video games. My name is kirk hamilton. I am joined as ever by the one and only mattie myers myers. Hello matty hello kirk. It's nice to see you again. This is our last week without jason. He'll be back next week. I know find smiling face and his unending sarcasm on the show. I think you'll be it'll be nice to see him talk about his book. Leave and i'm sure a lot of thoughts on various events in engaged in four weeks of release happening without jason like has beaten fire emblem yet or not have to wait a week to find out how going the suspense is killing me. <hes> we're gonna talk about some games. We're going to have riley mcleod on to talk about fortnight in the four nine world cup which is going to be pretty cool before there's been enough news. I would say in the last few days that we should talk about it. A lot of it is like bummer. News urge shitty things that have happened in the world. There was one happier piece of news as well so i the bummer news. I guess the first thing is this. Maybe this doesn't count this does not count as an official news item for reasons. We will explain in a moment but obviously everybody probably knows. They were too horrific. Horrific mass shootings over the weekend and a lot of people were killed and it was really horrifying. I'd sleep. I don't know about you but i spent the whole weekend just feeling freaked out and despondent and shitty it. It was just kind of awful weekend and one of the kind of narratives that came out of this was this g._o._p. Talking point blaming video games for a mass shootings. A classic talking point a real classic at this point. It's such bullshit that we're actually not going to talk about it. Joshua gra who was on the show a couple of weeks ago wrote. I thought very good article for kentucky saying this is just it's not something we don't need to defend video games these people. This is a smokescreen. This is not as yeah yeah. We should be talking about gun reform talking about background checks on all of these pieces of legislation that keep. I'm not passing. It's the exact right lengths. It's like five paragraphs or something. It says what needs to be said. Go read that so we're not gonna defend video games on the show because it is not necessary. Sorry next news item. That is also something shitty that happened that we can. Maybe talk about a little bit more was this u._s._a. E three press leak. That happened so maybe matty can you. I know you've reported. This out for kentucky can kind of explain what happened so i'll start at the beginning just in case listener has no idea about any of this which is mood find <hes> so on friday night in slack <hes> one of my colleagues can't even remember which one shared some sort of tip that they had gotten the i thought there was a list of e-3 registered journalists from two thousand nineteen that was on the e._s._a.'s website the entertainment offer association being the host of e three and that list was.

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