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Take your phone calls right here. Dale in Orlando, Florida you here on the rich Eisen show. What's up Rick since last night? I couldn't wait to talk about the schedule of it. Thanks for calling in what he got what's which teams on your mind here. I'm assuming it's new near you guys are talking about who's got this. And nobody says anything tougher than the buck. Let's get it. Go for their home week three and not again to week ten. Their home for the forty. Wow. Their home for the forty Niners. And then they're at Carolina on third the kickoff Thursday night season home for the giants there at the Rams and at the saints before they have a home game in London a buy week at Tennessee at Seattle home for Arizona. Pack your bags that is crazy. Wow. I did not notice that that is quite something right there. And then there at the Rams. Ruin their season. Wow. Well, I mean James is going to get the frequent flyer miles going on. That's for sure. There at the the I I mean, look, here's the deal. I love your coach he is going to imbue the team with a certain personality and a certain confidence that is going to be contagious. And if he can transform James into the James where we've seen him throw four touchdown passes in Atlanta, for instance, that James if that James can show up and off the field, not do anything stupid. I think you're you're going to be in for a better campaign than you think. But the schedule you too good point Dale, thanks for the call right there. I did not notice that. I love it. Everybody's looking at the schedules misogyny taking look Michael and Arkansas right in the heart of our country. What's up, Michael? Hey, rich. How's it going? What's going on what's on your mind Lipton? I've got a serious problem here with the schedule as did not traditional the Super Bowl winners usually come out with a pretty hard scheduled in the year after lifted me Linglan schedule, they don't play a even a play-off caliber teen until the ninth game. What is going on here? Well, Michael, here's the deal. The patriots schedule always looks easy because the rest of the AFC east can't get their act together. That's six aims and an after the opener against Pittsburgh. They've only play AFC east teams for the next the next to the next three weeks and for them. What's really good is? They get the game against the dolphins out of the way right away. And it's not one of those late season things and they're at buffalo when it's nice, and and and and summary still in September. They're not gonna go there in December. Where it's minus ten degrees in the train Wilson's going. And who knows what comes out of the stands being thrown by the fans, you know? So it that might be part in terms of what you're saying is is easy. But the schedule is essentially, we know what it is. They take me play six games in division. They play another division in conference another division. Attic conference. This year, the division outta conference is the NFC east. So they take on a dolphin jets bills and Redskins and giants and jets in after taking on the Steelers before the Browns come into their house. That's why it might look easy to you. But it it's not like the schedule makers are giving him a break. Super Bowl winners. Always usually. And it's usually not forgetting that the Super Bowl winners. I mean, getting fairly hard schedule the year after a thanks the call, Michael they get a first place schedule. What that means is they have to play every other first place team. That's why the chiefs are on the schedule. That's why the Steelers are while the Steelers are on the schedule because they play the AFC North, Texas. The Texans are on the schedule. Thank you. That's why. And then complain about the Pat schedule you want tell the bills jets and Gulf begetter exactly how the better come up with something better than just constantly churning head coaches and trying hundred backs whoever or their new quarterback that they have who's got a lot of cake for seven kids in the last three months, and and they're tanking for two..

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