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Tickets and the next one is our first store called loss of the season and we took the over on texas at sixty seven in off the currently forty seven games so of the remaining twenty seven they would need to win twenty one. That's not going to happen too big. We don't dwell on texas. They've been absolutely horrific rubin in the national league. Atlanta was our first pickier in the analyst under on the tool ninety one and a half twenty seven games left in the it would need to win. Twenty one of them to cash that. So that's That's an absolute stolen called. That's that's a win. Seventy one in sixty four and as we see over two or three weeks. it's the division. Nobody wants to win. The mets have kept me alive over this weekend. Nelly sweeping the so four four from four currently with the game to go off tonight. Yeah for the The fifth easiest schedule remaining by their tough opponents are also three against the giants for against the padres and then it's pretty much in their division three phillies three against the mets Atlanta team again dealing with a lot of injuries right. We talked about how this was good. Mike sirocco back but they didn't get him They lost obviously ronald kunia. Junior for the season So you know. They did a great job at the trade deadline by we keep on saying that nobody wants to win this division and they're not winning game so i think this is going to be a slam dunk win for us for sure. Absolutely i think the next one is our is our other slam. Dunk quinn as well enough in the. Nl central was saint louis under eighty six and a half games. They are sixty nine hundred. Sixty five meeting with twenty games remain in that need to win eighteen. The need to go eight eight then gonna do that enough. I think this is a job as well. Yeah third heart schedule remaining For the saint. Louis cardinals four against the. So between the brewers sorry the brewers and the dodgers they have twelve games against those teams in eight of them are against the The brewers so You know a lot of division games left. They saw the reds. The easiest opponents left are are the cubs in the cubs are still there. There are still finding ways the win against some of these These teams so Yeah we're third hardest remaining schedule..

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