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So Amy, Scott talked about how much it helped hap to have editing experience. If you're going to be directing a film that's largely made of archival material like this one, which totally makes sense at any rate, if you're fan of Ashby or curious about the social and political climate around filmmaking in the seventies America, definitely check it out. And if you're in New York at the IFC center, they also have a retrospective of how Espy's films going on, how so if you get a ticket to the documentary, whatever Ashby film is playing after that you can do to for one double feature that you compared with it. So the great idea I'm interested in checking out. I've never seen Harold and Maude. Yeah, I think you'd like it. It's weird. It's it's stark. It star coming home is dark. Do the little stranger was one that kind of slipped under the radar last week. So we thought we'd mention it this week. It's Lenny. Abrahamson 's follow up to room and he'd he'd Richard Frank to. I mean, this guy's a proven indie director, but this is his venture into the horror genre. Donald Gleason plays a doctor who was called to visit a crumbling manor. When strange things begin to occur our own next winter sat down with the DP of the film ole brat Berkman. That's a crazy name. Willie is old brat. I mean, maybe maybe it's a labor at, but sounds like even better day. They talked about how he created the film's eerie mood. He explained one of their tactics as such quote. We try and play with the John RA in a sense that the camera was always slightly lower than you'd expect or slightly higher than you'd expect always trying not to be too, you know, conventional in our approach. So we were always trying to play with the idea. You know what normally would you do here? Oh, okay. Let's just move the camera a little bit over here. Let's make sure we're not always matching the eyeliner directly. We were always playing with the idea of what audience might expect versus what they were getting. And you can read that whole interview on the site how to block a ghost story DP ole brat, Brooklyn on the unsettling the little stranger, Brad Berkman. I love him. I love the tischler little stranger is someone to watch out for them. So we've got some grant deadlines for ya on September. Eleventh. The auspicious date is the deadline for the Thessaloniki Agora works in progress. If you are in the process of. Shooting or in post production on a film from central Europe Mediterranean and southeastern Europe register for this showcase for industry exposure and awards up to seventy thousand euros held in November. The Agora works in progress or sessions only for the industry professionals invited in Thessaloniki and are presented to invited sales agents, distributors, producers, and festival programmers. Where is this a looney key Greece and it's beautiful. I've been there. This would be a great excuse to just go there and potentially win up to seventy thousand euros, which was the only reason I go on vacations. The other deadline we have for you. This week is the BAFTA row cliff film call. It has deadline on September twenty. Sixth, if you are a UK based rider with a script, you could be one of three projects left it for the BAFTA showcase not only do the finalists receive a selection of fantastic prizes including an industry.

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