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The most schools in that time period. Nineteen twenty three the opening. The first of two goals for Nino Nita rider, coming less than a minute in John Forslund called it on Fox, Sports Carolina. The canes keep on rolling atop the Oilers three one. Elsewhere Rangers all over the sabres, sixty two the Bruins shut out the ducks three nothing, and it was the devils over the wild in overtime five to four Nico. He sheer scored the winner. I'm Kevin Dexter stream CBS sports radio on your iphone, ipad or Android device with a radio dot com app. Free in the Google play. And I accept store. A woman a diamond is a good thing to do. Your diamond will send out shock waves of love shimmering and shining and shouting to the world. This woman is special your love will always be with her encouraging her believing in her every moment of every day. She looks at that diamond. So think of you, and then when she sees you she'll say thinking about you all day, you're thinking of her seasoning of you diamond is a good thing to do when you're ready to send those shock waves of love and south to the world. This woman is special Shreeves street diamond out twinkles. Sparkly glitter. Glows shimmer chimes and..

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