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That that was the over riding on feeling that i got from hers that she was almost like gleeful and bragging about it which made it all the worse would you testify against her if you recall to do that now is terms of a parole would you say she should not be paroled cassisa you know all these reports they she's reiterate generally right originally they got the death penalty so they were you know that was overturned um uh i really about her parole i am not personally afraid you know if she were to be paroled however i it's not for me to to make that call it's in the governor's hans nouns between her god and the governor should version god a you're one of the faith though yes and so was susan atkins she found her way back to jesus and she was one of the most bloody ah murders and this whole terrible episode an ira history and so as tex watson who probably along with susan atkins i don't know if you can judge these things are evaluate them but it was also ranked murder what are you feel about their suit taking jesus has their savior i'm i'm thrilled he now and again you know uh god will forgive them if they are you know if they ask referred ghiz forgiveness and they are actually you know remorseful i mean but that's between them and god but as far as i mean now that charlie is gone i think that that's one more boogeyman behind us you know in history i have talked to young people who charlie was the beginning and they were out on their paper route you know in the dark and that's who when they got scared know hearing a noise erv what you know it was like it was charles that was after them you know where when i grew up at wind control really was yeah so i i think that's the you know if people just don't can't it's hard for them to accept them getting out when they have the death penalty originally in than a that was overturned to a life sentence and i think that you know.

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