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Plus, of course, Monday night football saints and skins the return of Mark Ingram. How dangerous will that New Orleans offense? Be now that they get him back to help compliment Alvin Kamara so should be a compelling Monday night football game as well. And this is the place Hugh, check it out right off of briar gate, and we love to see you little bit earlier. If you wanna come out while I am here. I got some airforce gear. That I would love to give to you. Because of course after Saturday, we all should be wrapping air force. In fact, I have a air force hashtag. Let's fly rubber band on my wrist. Now is a great win on Saturday. The most complete win that I've seen from air force certainly since the game last year. But I would even put with what was on the line and everything like that. I I would certainly put Saturday's win against navy up against that improbably take Saturday's game over that match matchup last year. But I will pose that question to Brent Brigham into the gazette when he joins us here in fourteen minutes, and how much of a genius does Brandt. Look like now that Donald Hammond. The third is doing his thing. And by the way, it is Donald. So I called him Donald. And then I heard a bunch of other people. DJ? So then like, the sheep am. I started calling DJ and then brand asked them after the game Saturday way like to be calling Donald so add right? The first time but Brent Brigham and will join us in fourteen minutes. Sam farnsworth's shed jeweled to join us in our number two. If Sam if you're listening reach out buddy reach out some connection here some confirmation on a Monday would be terrific. Other than that. You're my guest, which is awesome. Because you're the best guests that I could have. I'm not just saying that q eight six zero zero four six that is the text line come on. I know you want to get it out today. What a just a biz mole sports day for the state of Colorado yesterday with the way that both the Rockies and the Broncos performed, unfortunately, I can only do one thing at a time. We do have the poll question out there on our social media channels, add extra sports thirteen hundred either on Facebook or Twitter. What was the more disappointing effort the Rockies in game three yesterday? Or the Broncos against the jets right now, sixty seven percent of you say the Rockies were the more more disappointing effort yesterday, and I would tend to agree because that's where I want to start today is with the Colorado Rockies. And I don't know how many of you that are either. Objective observers or Rockies fans thought that the rock we beat sitting here today and the Rockies will be done playing baseball. Now, I had written them off multiple times this year. I did not write them off after losing game two. I thought this was going back to Milwaukee. I thought at least. We'd be talking today. Previewing game. Four with Kyle Freeland on the mound. In fact, I was supposed to be at back east born grow up at the sixteenth street mall. And now there's. There's not no reason because it's still an awesome place to go. But there's no sporting event going on in Denver tonight that you would want to pre-game or have a pregame meal at which was the whole reason we were going to be up at the sixteenth street ball. So we're here. Stay local why travel up by twenty five today. Did not see that coming really did not see that coming. Although after the brewers got on the board, and the I I kind of felt like. Who maybe this was the beginning of the end. But certainly going into the game. I didn't think. That the Rockies weren't even going to take a game in this series. They played fifty postseason innings the Rockies did. And they scored five runs five runs in fifty innings. That's one for every ten innings, which is that's on average in that is somewhat appropriate given that the Rockies scored one run before the ninth inning in every game that they herb. How do I want to put that they scored only one run before the ninth inning in those fifty antics? They got the early lead against Chicago. And the rest of the time. It was. Yeah, we're just gonna wait till the very end of the game. And that's when we're going to score runs, and we're not going to score that many. To garbage time. Home runs in L A, a run in the first and the thirteenth at Wrigley to runs in the ninth in game one and nothing the rest of the way nineteen straight scoreless innings to close out the season. And unbelievably terrible flop on the big stage to be sure here is bud black after yesterday's loss. You know, we got into the dance we fought we might not have played our best. But that's part of that is the opposition how they played. But again, our guys are guys played how you're supposed to play. That's what I'm most proud of that came to play every day, but Kim to play in the series. I got out play. But you know, that's part of competition. I hate hearing that I absolutely hate hearing that justification I understand that you want to be gracious in defeat. And I understand that you give credit to your opponent. That's just what you do. But I but. The brewers put names in a hat and drew them out to get their game. One pitching plans game two they through someone who the Rockies didn't even want in Jolie seen in the Rockies want every decent pitcher. And then gained three they go up against Wade Miley who hasn't had any are a below five cents. Jeb Bush was the front runner for the Republican nomination for president. There is no reason that is not giving you don't need to give credit to the brewers for the way that they pitch that was a failure on the Rockies part. That was not all of a sudden Jolie show scene and Wade Miley becoming Tom Seaver Nolan. Ryan the Rockies looked undisciplined in nearly every at bat. They ended up striking out. How many times they strikeout forty three times? They've struck out forty three times in this postseason, which is almost twenty more times than the next closest team in strikeouts in these playoffs. This. This is absolutely on the Rockies, you take Christian yelich. Josh hater off the Milwaukee Brewers. They're barely better than the Cincinnati Reds. The brewers aren't that good of a baseball team. But here's the here's the problem. And here's the harsh reality. The Rockies found out. If the Rockies didn't have Kyle Freeland her mom Marquez in those and sends a tell at times, they be the San Diego Padres. This lineup was vastly overrated vastly overrated. They paid the wrong guy. In Charlie Blackmon. They should have saved their money and paid DJ. Lemay, hugh? Nolan aren't auto for all of his, you know, yelling and hooting and hollering in the locker room about how he wants to play in big games. Sure didn't show up for one. Trevor story was the only regular rocky in the lineup to hit over two hundred. And he's still struck out more than he got a hit. So yes, the brewers are a decent team. And obviously they are much better than the Cincinnati Reds. I am prone to hyperbole at times. But what this series was about was not about the Milwaukee Brewers. It was not about the Milwaukee Brewers. It was about the failure of the Colorado Rockies. You remember in two thousand seven you had the feeling that wants the Rockies lost once it was over. Right. You just felt like they lose one game. It's all gonna come crashing down. And then they happen to lose game one of the World Series. And then they ended up getting swept by the Red Sox. The Rockies had to go on a mini that type of run just to get in because of the damage they did to themselves against subpar teams. And then getting swept by LA. They had to go on a mini run. Just to get in. And you may say, well, they beat the cubs. Well. A lot of people can tell you that or cubs fans that the cubs were a bigger. Rack at the moment. Then the Rockies were. So that's what that was. They looked hapless against Walker. Bueller? They were barely passable against the Chicago Cubs. And then they were no match for the Milwaukee Brewers eighteen Ned maybe as much better than I give them credit for but they're not that much better than the Colorado Rockies. And certainly they're pitching is not good enough to do that to the Rockies. So extremely disappointing far more disappointing in my opinion. Then the Broncos which will get into later because to me I picked the Broncos to lose to the jets. I thought we'd be talking about game four tonight. I did not expect the Rockies to lose yesterday. And heck, I didn't even expect them to lose ackward field at all. I thought they were going back to Milwaukee. So to me yesterday was the far more disappointing. The one good thing the won the silver lining here or the the caveat or the positive note. However, you wanna look at it is that overall this season for the Rockies was a success. The play offs an abject failure and a disappointment. But the season overall. Was a step in the right direction. The question becomes and we'll get into this as the week progresses. Do the rock are the Rockies coming back next year? With this team. And then they're going to add. Is the windows. Still open for the Rockies DJ la- Mayhew hits the free agent market. Adamant vino is a free agent. You have to decide on Nolan an auto, wait, you're gonna do. Can you sign him? Does he want to sign long-term if he doesn't want to sign long term in the off season? Do you deal him? So you don't wait till the trade deadline and get nothing. Like the Orioles Manny Machado. That'll be the question throughout the week is with that loss yesterday did the Rockies window close. And are they going to be basically starting from scratch next year? It was overall a very good season for the Colorado Rockies, but this series against the brewers was an abject failure and disappointment two eight six zero zero four six your thoughts. Extremely welcome on this Monday. We'll get into the Broncos debacle at the bottom of the hour. Coming up next though because I can't go negative two segments in a row. Let's break it up with some positive talk. How them falcons beat down navy? They did a lot more than sunk navy on Saturday. How did they do it? Brent Brigham into gazette tells us next on extra sports.

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