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On the PODCAST shoot, bob any email bob at the knife chucky dot com bobby. Dot Com. All right. I didn't quite understand this when bob a brother-in-law James Birthday knife does that mean you got your brother in law James Birthday knife for that mean the brother in law got you a knife? No, my brother-in-law. Got Me. So this is the first last night worse. Last. Night was the first time I've seen him since since my birthday and yeah, I mean, I have a playlist on my youtube channel knives my brother gave me and knives my brother-in-law gave me because they always both give me cool gifts But yesterday they came over and he gave me this. This is the new Gerber. This part of their new kind of like how saga has been rebranding garber has been doing a bit of this in the past five or so years, and this is their new knife quadrant. The quadrant and to me, my immediate reaction is it looks like a small production version of. The wheel wheeling slash I don't know if you. Jim I know you don't know what that means I don't I'm not sure if the listeners are familiar with that knife, but it's it's a custom knife I've only seen it a few times, but it looks it's like this but a lot bigger. It's like a big rectangle. It's like a big straight razor and So he gave me this I was very excited because this is one of the knives that gerbers come out with in the past. Two years we've talked about this on supplemental show before when it came out and It's one of the one of the Gerbers I've been excited to check out and So you've got this. Really Cool. Thinly ground hollow ground straight razor. Blade. It's seven CR thirteen movie or seven CR V. I'm not sure what the what the I'm not sure exactly what it is. I. Know It seventy CR I'm not sure what the next number is is what I mean. So it's GonNa be softer steel, but it's going to sharpen up a really quickly and it's GonNa be it's GonNa Sharpen up razor-sharp.

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