Weekend Racing Preview | Caulfield Guineas Day Preview


Ayuthaya true good for perfect conditions I think a little bit of Brian sort of Wednesday Thursday just takes the main probably not much irrigation we'd love that I think it's going to Rice really well as coalfield does bought it's always an advantage to be on speed in those first one to sorta seven at caulfield it's always an advantage not much we randy the side I think it's GonNa play really straight and really fairly but I always think you've got to be advantageous just on spe does also to get there's a lot of variables in rising but once you back you control sometimes you need some walks on spayed where you want to bake oilfield Saturday very good or on the table at the first of our group we're GONNA rise pagoda so we've got six the thousand guineas used to be on the Wednesday boys now moved of course to the Saturday the last few years and it's just or for the die at fiber here's the first of a number of good often run his foot at two dollars thirty law at five fifty had some good memories of these track all has I missile mantra nine dollars acting hasn't these horse with good acting trae on the trump one of their ten dollars Tenley twelve dollars emerald thirty dollars southbank seventeen dollars Baba's Fox at twenty one on eloquent at twenty six dollars over the Piji Fatal Remember Twenty Six and Sin Edwards Crown at forty on dollars Josie very important here look not a lot of spayed Elliott acting oh go forward we'll go forward as well foot from that White Guy I think he has to be positive obviously there was a lot of talk about the run lost in the guineas prelude where he drew wide with her and he just sort of went back Salak along the LoC somewhat out of the equation expected to be somewhat in the one one way do you go with these rice well a lot of coming out of that is probably which was one boy acting own spate I'm just slightly worried about that rice and I will come out of it there's a lot of narrative sleeping on lucky but he fleet had won the rice boy half link let's do it right now if we'd be getting to thirty of mock to-to-to Seventieth Mock Duck Creek five is getting that but I just think she's going to drift on the I I think he'll get better than the two-thirty on officer if you like her maybe play a little bit lighter in closer to the rice I'm worried about that rice they went in slowly they couldn't break twelve seconds the lost two hundred that worries me about that Rice what do I do I know a lot of holistic coming into that rice will I go for a different form loin the oil eloquent full moines so I found the phone line from Sydney and I'm going with the Homeless Code Emeralds Got Eight and buy some pretty good ones last dot with Fun Star thirty one dollars but was fifty one hundred thirty one got Bayton that track was a little bit Ryan affected that died I went slowly but based lost four hundred two hundred of the dye that Rice to pay Arado who knows a superstar and before that Gobain by Yale she ran really well in the golden rose of a fast a game was really good light four hundred two hundred two different form on Jones agent really know he's done it before with the highest level lava who won the white when it comes around and this why so there's no worries with China Arkan emeralds at the price is ripping bit and I think it will drift on the well Josie interesting side that with would actually opened a twenty into to ten now aptitude thirty so if that continues there will be a drift estee e you in a similar can't wait you think the it can get beat or now that she's the one I wanna Roger Fleet because it's a tug at rice who to run these small I think she's going to be taking on the day the reason unquote last dot cushy drew fifteen I didn't want to give her a gut bossed out and went right back zoomed up sawed them she didn't have room approaching the if she gets out of the long she is them away because she's got an amazing turn foot so she's coming in flying onto the right our little bit she's a short pause because everyone's thinking potential with taint potential she should absolutely one that ornery so she finally draws a guy which is terrific all concur with Josie acting fit will roll for this more pressure on she's drawn a little at and she'll have to use because I'm eloquently locks the row Ford will mica US getting up the hill the first time at the four day southbank joining saw those two will be honest as well tron bucks doc bobby's Fox was closed last doctor on the pint it'll hold so that'll be the first four the interesting roundup will be cited which cran drawn aunt doesn't WanNa get caught going to rocky he wants to come across the bay in the first half dozen would imagine 'cause they're going to look that tape look back that by off this'll be the nature of the beast I'll go quicker early hill then they'll look to back the tempo off law and fleet get the best runs to pays back one eight one back to horses I've got a great turn of foot they classy Ranasinghe the rice they guy to get that sit back off that wall torp Iran and get at at the raw thome that's why I wanna Rod Fleet because she's had that topic coalfield now and she should have won last dot and she's got a lot of upside I'm not worried about the process so I'll be following southbank oil elegant into the rice now the key is here Emerald who gets back but it's a first look at coalfield and she's going to have the wall up with the logs have missile mantra who have her back on he's Roy showed running missile mantra Nice to have got the best turn of foot light by Kenai be close enough from the six fifty two the the three fifteen to build up and sprint with the locks of fleet and yes I law that again and get those beautiful rounds just off that high pressure really so I'm going with fleet on thinks she's got more upside and I recommend she uses that tuna food she'll be happy catch so of course I'm glad this is rice seeks saving I would not want this in the Corey these pretty auburn as open as you'd say rice to thirty five rituals Oregon just more attack when whenever it's worth which is not much let's have a look at rice seven now the coalfield stikes aviles easier five deservedly so those thirty five homes four dollars density area and those fifty gathered chop eleven bucks a dream castle thirty dollars black hotbed showing not backing up it or not paying to win second arrive there at seventy dollars getting those and Chitral Good Humour Twenty Seven Harlem and Asuka debuted at thirty five and sixty seven Josie yes saw matt pretty important he gal H Open Heisman have drawn gates one and two so I think they'll control the gala shop? I think heisman considered so expect getting to roll forward as well as your spayed and I think that's where they'll say it'll and that's where it will play at villiers can probably find fought on the back of my be three pairs back something like that he was back to his best oversee on that Swat we self destruct going back to a bit of a hard track boy rice seven these tracks gonNA firm right up even get back into the good three by that stage maybe there's a knock on that and not saying there is but we will say on Saturday Abed vilius where he really is at on God gala chocolate I thought he was really really good in he's run loss dodd he was thirty wanting to twenty six dollars he'd get beaten by Blackhawk bought bought or this he's ready to rock and roll he's got some big figures when he ran those big fee is probably about a year and a half two years ago our anymore just a bit newly back to that American from week eight one if these holiest goes forward gets a pretty genuine Tampa on I'm dick the white coal for Dole expected to apply arc and he's going to be really hard to bait just quickly would either well Cape of Good Hope time for one hundred twelve I think he will struggle is day. It's an intriguing Gallup we'll be controlled on speed runners for sure Guy Light Truck Fif- now Josie these the holes that you're going with I think heisman gets the best run Ben Mellon was caught in two minds audience think he'd be called and Lonzo Coalfield last outdrawing in authority shooter role folding it costing the rice you had to guy back kief grand and he gave blackout too easy around one eight one back and I think that happen on the ban will be positive on Heisman I think you'll sit outside the late and I think he'll be the catching this but the one that's got the turn of foot in the one that I can trust in the host it's buying the coffee full and sharing that Greg Turner fully Sevilla's coming off a red hot win-loss dot he excels at the mall and a quarter and woody's feet you can trust him and we've been wanting to see at this time in and he's acceleration las dot was good he's a group to win this track and trip and the dream force and also happy clap perform against this is the best form to follow trusting the fiber to sit midfield I'm not going to get caught up in these international hoses Iran Coalfield I have a two thousand made his way there cdn in terms of the speech up but what I can trust from guide seven civilians getting the best round midfield to pay us back and using that turn of foot when there's genuine rolling into that Bain from the six fifty white lit up he he'll get rolling Mike these real test over the two thousand meters but I think villas can climbing light afi or wanted a slightly bigger rises pyeho offered sands lock The boys giving you a copy you can definitely probably we're going to take a break when we come back we're going to have a little bit more group ones at Caulfield and then we're going to go up to see me for they want as well well that's too damn free to go in terms at five dollars coming off that probably win Kubrick non dollars ruckus Carina and Super Seth at thirteen dollars grams well at forty dollars Suba at seven dollars so patch nine hundred express poss- twenty-one Josie a few more on the next project will go to you now for the map and how it's all bay somewhat and rose forty can probably get it now that's a positive fit him if he gets the one but it's also another positive because I think if he gets the one one cannot say dollar saying he and getting in from guiding at all and I think would be posted three ward which again won a huge manage Bot it's not a sensational I one that the camp would want for dollar saying it's going to be a really competitive rice and I think there's a lot between alligator blood and ninety dollars saying I'm going with our saying ESPN profile look was very short in the market lost when it get Bayton well-documented day by me ED or works here in Dallas on has drawn at with Ella Guida blood they story we'll be positive and work up the hill for the first time but I want to try and get across to follow groundswell join me outside your deal be ridden Ford

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