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We and I understand it's easy to get lost in the weeds on this, but Ian is we've talked about before in Wisconsin law is clear that on the absentee ballots need to be received by 8 P.m. on the day the polls close that the law it's black letter law, That's what it says. A federal judge in Madison, who's been monkeying around with what he thinks the law should be for quite a while, had issued an order saying, Well, you know, because there's going to be because there's the pandemic, etcetera, etcetera. I'm going to give people an extra six days to vote by that. I mean, if the ballot is postmarked By November. 3rd. In this case, it can could be counted for up to six days afterwards. Now that is clearly not with law says now maybe the laws should be changed. I don't know that that's a whole different discussion, but the law says it has to be received. I don't think that that's an unreasonable situation because you do need some certainty, and I don't think it's unreasonable to say to somebody Hey, You know if you're going to vote, you have to do it either on election day or if you're going to do it in advance, you have to do it in such a timely enough fashion. So your ballot gets to the clerk's office by November, 3rd. In any event, the judge said, that didn't have to happen. The case was appealed to the U. S Court of Appeals for the seventh Circuit. They said No, we're not. We're not going to shut down the judge. Because we find that the people who are appealing a state Legislature doesn't have standing to rule on the case. But to appeal standing means you have an interest. You know, I am. For example, you have to have an interest to be a party to a lawsuit. If Eric Bill Stat has a bad experience with a car dealer. I can't sue that car dealer on behalf of Eric Bills that I don't have an interest in that Eric would have to sue him. So, the seventh Circuit Court of Appeals said, because of our interpretation of a state Supreme Court ruling. We don't think the Legislature can be a party to this. And since the governor and the attorney general didn't have an issue with it, they said, We don't think we can decide yesterday, the state Supreme Court said no. The Under state law the Legislature does have standing the Legislature can appeal so that puts the matter back in front of the court of Appeals for the seventh Circuit. They can decide the issue on the merits. That is kind of a big deal. Look, I don't know if the election is going to be close or not, but I do think the law needs to be followed in the lawn, Wisconsin says. You've got to get your ballot in by eight o'clock on election night. That to me is not unreasonable. Alright, It's 12 30 to let us go to the W. T. M. J breaking news Center and the aforementioned Eric Bills. Thank you, sir. The state of Wisconsin preparing to open its alternate care facility at State Fair Park because of a surge of covert 19 patients. In the state now, T M Z for news says The announcement is expected today at 1 30 during a media briefing with Governor Evers and the head of the Department of Health Services, that health care facility Could be up and running by midweek next week. More than 850. People are in the hospital right now across the state due to covert 19. That's an all time high for Wisconsin in independent investigator is recommending Wauwatosa City officials fire Joseph MENSA, the police officer who was shot and killed three people in the last five years, while in the line of duty Now, last February, menses shot and killed 17 year old Alvin Cole outside Mayfair Mall. Police say Cole had fired his handgun first now former U. S. Attorney, Stephen Biskupic looked into the most recent shooting at the request of the wallet, Toes of Police and Fire Commission. His report concludes that MENSA should be terminated because the risk of 1/4 shooting is too great. The report comes as the Milwaukee County prosecutors consider charges against Menzah. They expect to make that decision today. Public the VP debate is tonight, Vice President Mike Pence and Senator Kamala Harris will square off the debate started ate. Our coverage begins at six with W tym Jay Knight is Scott Waris. And summer fest with the new building and they're going to build. Now they're going to construct a new play zone construction this month on a new northwestern mutual community park, which will replace the northwestern mutual Children stage currently They're near the north entrance. We expect to hear from Don Smiley. He will join Jeff Wagner next hour time for the.

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