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Murder and assault, the attacks and chills through the Asian American community. Least arrested the suspect, 21 year old Robert Aaron Long, who's white? He told them the attack was not racially motivated. Cherokee County Sheriff Frank Reynolds he made indicate indicators that He has some issues, potentially sexual addiction and may have frequent some of these places. Sheriff Reynolds says the man apparently lashed out at what he saw as sources of temptations. Six of the victims were identified as Asian and seven were women. Authorities say they are still investigating whether the killings were hate crimes amid concerns over a wave of attacks on Asian Americans during the viral pandemic. Stocks finished higher on Wall Street today, the Dow gained 189 point almost up 6/10 of a percent. This is NPR. This is W in my seat in New York. I'm Sean Carls and bill that would allow for increased civilian oversight of local police departments has advanced in the New Jersey legislature. Measure, approved by the State Assembly's Community Development and Affairs Committee, would create civilian complaint review boards for every municipality in the Garden state, the boards would be able to investigate allegations of misconduct by officers of their local police department. Work. Mayor Raspberry, AKA testified in favor of the bill. At today's hearing, he says the civilian oversight panel's must have investigative and subpoena powers. If we decide to give the review board investigatory power, how can you investigate any case without the right to subpoena documents and subpoena witnesses? The bill still needs to pass the full assembly and state Senate before it heads to Governor Phil Murphy's desk. The empty A has been using outside counsel to fight six recent lawsuits over lack of accessibility in the subway in New York, one of the plaintiffs who wants to know how much this cost the agency, but Wi see Stephen Nessen reports the empty A won't say. Joe Rappaport of the Brooklyn Center for Independence of the Disabled, is a plaintiff in three of the six lawsuits. He spent countless hours in court opposite lawyers from the firm Paul Weiss, Rifkind, warden and Garrison. Which represents the empty A. Rappaport is dismayed at what he calls delay tactics by the empties lawyers. So he filed a freedom of information request last June to find out how much the M to has spent fighting these lawsuits. Last month. The empty responded that it couldn't release the numbers because it doesn't track spending in this way. This month, Rappaport filed an appeal. MTH chairman Pat Foy says he'll look into the request but wouldn't commit to releasing the figures. It is ST Patrick's Day, reporter Jim O'Grady spoke to author Thomas Cahill about the man behind the myth. The real Patrick was born in fifth century Britain at age 16 marauders came and kidnapped him to Ireland. He was enslaved there tending flocks on a desolate hillside. After six years he escaped on shipped to Britain. And then Cahill says, Patrick went back to Ireland to the people who tells him in bondage to bring them literacy and religion. Did he forgive his in slavers? Yeah. I mean, he's the real thing. He really is a Christian, which we're not used to. There's an immense amount of forgiveness and love. You built schools and monasteries that spread both education. And the fruits of his own great moral imagination. It's.

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