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For 10. Traffic and weather is Debbie. Liza. Hey, Hey there, John. Okay, We are back to incident Free right now. Knock on wood right now. Eastbound 94 17 minutes Highway 16 all the way to downtown. Say thing for the westbound side 40 oneself on highway Q to the zoo it or change that's going to be about 15 minutes up on 43 round He rode to the Marquette You're looking at a 12 minute ride and then on 43 94 south on downtown Deleting Avenue. Seven minutes with traffic and weather together on the tense I'm nebulas. W T. M J Pellet up wide dotcom Timesaver Traffic five day forecast sunshine today by Boyd's cold temperatures in the thirties and lower forties. And tonight if you're headed to a football game or just going out around town, bundle up temperatures dropping.

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