Hi. This is President Trump in Sebastian is really a friend of mine. He's a great guy.


The violence instigated and support by the Democrats has been a disaster for them. It's really show you know the idea that they were going to intimidate people completely boomerang. People just said Oh, that's how it's gonna be. Now I'm voting for Trump and they've seen it and you have seen the brakes applied to this so there may be some random violence but the kind of systemic violence Uh, that we've seen through riots. And organized quote unquote resistance that has dropped off and I don't think we're going to see much more of it. So how do you think it's going to be on November? 3rd? I think the president is has all the moment. Um, yesterday we had a Rasmussen poll the first one that put him ahead. I don't believe any of the poles. Okay? You know if somebody says Well, I'm undecided, Okay? He's a trump voter doesn't want to tell a stranger interrupting his dinner, how he wants to vote in this environment. Well, every data point supports Donald Trump except arguably the polls. Which you know if the media is good. Why about everything else? I don't see why they're going to draw a hard line is around, lied about anything else, not the poles. Um Oh, and even those are closing. So I'm feeling good, I think. Look, I think the house was is in within reach. Um, I think we're definitely We're definitely going to see semantics. I expect the least the mainstream media outlets to refuse to name a winner. Yeah, you know, we need to do here's the scenario. Is either a landslide or they mess around with it, and it's neck and neck and it's in the courts for months. We need to win the house. Make Jim Jordan the speaker, and if they're messing with by Inauguration Day, Jim Jordan becomes the acting president until the president is announced to be Donald Trump again. I think that's a good scenario. Jim Jordan. Until Donald Trump comes back into the White House. We've been told to Kurt Stick to follow him on Twitter at Kerch, like the author of the 21 biggest lines about Donald Trump. And you catch his articles at town the whole dot com and also his superb Kelly turn, Bill books. The latest is collapsed. Thank you Can't Okay. Keep your powder dry. I'm Sebastian. Gorka, This is America. First, taking your cause on 83333 gawk of its 8333346752 broadcasting live from the relief acted out. Mom Studios. Relief factor is truly a blessing to those who suffer from daily pain. As I did past tense for nine years, almost a decade, I had low back pain issue that just wouldn't go away. I took relief actor and two weeks the pain was gone, and I'm still pain free. That's the experience of tens of thousands of Americans across the country are getting their lives back. A day on they because this product attacks the source of the pain, which is your inflammation. Try it. See if it works for you, girlie factor dot com. See the amazing testimonials for Americans across the nation and then order your three week quick start A packet will be at your house in three days or less. Take it morning and evening just like I do.

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