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Between the president and the CDC director, Dr Robert Redfield, who said it would be the second or third quarter of next year before one was widely available to the general public doctor Look, Patel tells ABC News that vaccine development and distribution are two different things Isar ordering a could come out with the vaccine. Rafer Data approval in October or November, maybe a little bit later. But we may not be getting millions of doses available to all Americans until the middle of next year. That's a discrepancy is 14 States took legal action trying to stop the post office's new policy of mandating the trucks leave on time, even if they're still mail to be loaded. They say it was slowing delivery and ABC is Mark Millar says there's been a legal decision. A judge in Yakima Washington, has issued an injunction against the policy. Saying the states have demonstrated the changes are part of a politically motivated attack on the post office and that it could disenfranchise voters, many of whom plan to vote by mail this year over 300,000 in Alabama and Florida. Still without power after Hurricane Sally, you're listening to ABC News. Balance of nature changing the world. One life at a time. I just had a baby and I'm tired. But I could tell you this without balances Nature. There's no way I would have the energy I have right now. I've done so many different Almonte vitamins and different things, and I have to definitely say balance of nature is the thing that's really, really helping me right now. I've been listening to this that these commercials and these testimonials and I'm like, Okay, whatever. But this is a product that actually could say Holy

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