New England Patriots offensively, so we've seen them. We've seen them do this. Now.


I expect a low scoring game. I know Russell Wilson's a handful. And I know Belichick was just heaping praise by the way. Is he crazy? Like a fox? By the way, where is the best quarterback and leave your Russ Wilson? Now you're staying awake at night, cause Now you got ballistics on ballistics on your radar. I don't all checks praising you that I wrestle. Somebody got up at night and turn on lights and rooms and looked around like Belichick was hiding there. Guys, you The things that I think the curiosity going back to the whole curiosity this game. It's rare that the path you're getting points for points, and it's rare that a fellow Czech team is an underdog. So I'm going to expect a very smart game plan here from Bill Bell Chick in the New England Patriots again, No crowd no factor. I probably will regret this Put my God, I don't know. I'm just going to go with my initial gut reaction to this whole thing. I'm taking the Pats in the points and presume it. Yeah, I love the fact that by the way, you preface your pick by saying, I'm probably going to regret this. I probably am going to regret this because Seattle could want to beat the Seattle could beat him by 10 points or so. But if Belichick does Belichick stuff and they play mistake, free football and and

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