Get bigger. Hey, but, you know, I gotta tell you, I'm on this whole,


And it's It's I feel for those poor people getting hurt. My nephew was Did the police academy A couple years ago, and he has become an officer and middle of the country. I don't see what cities in, but he's a police officer. Middle of middle of the country, Middle of California should say right. I talked to him today and he's you know, it's not so much the riding that he's dealing with. It's the racism. You know, he's having a hard time with that dealing with it. Well, it's I mean, yeah, I mean, we're we're done, and I don't know if it's I don't know Racism's right word Mark. I think maybe it's the job is, um, I don't know holding up, you know, and there's been and sometimes it's got to be around the bad situations in the bad situations. Don't make it any fun for him. You know a lot of a lot of the senior cops out there that he's talking about her. Talking

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