Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes comments on Jacob Blake shooting


Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes, commenting yesterday on what should and should not be investigated between the Jacob Lake Police involved shooting and the Kyle Rittenhouse case. The shooting and killing of Two rioters. Injuring of another guy's investigation is ongoing. But we don't need an investigation and know that Blake shooting falls in a long and painful pattern of violence, and this is a pattern of violence that happens against black lives too often. Across this country. And as you all know, we saw even more gun violence unfold on Tuesday night when two protesters were tragically killed in one other injured by gunshots. Someone that wasn't looking to keep peace. An outside agitator. Someone who came in from Illinois with a long rifle was able to just walk the streets freely like that something normal that we just come to expect me till you have not anything normal. We shouldn't come to expect that We shouldn't accept it. Because what do you think is going to happen if you haven't agitated man with a long walking down the street? Thinking that he's some sort of peacekeeper, and that kind of behavior shouldn't be enabled, either, And we have to deal with the devastating results of that way. Saw that happen in Louisville already. We saw it happen in Charlottesville. Somebody ran their vehicle to protesters ahead there. Higher was killed now. Kenosha, Wisconsin is also home to that sort of tragic scene. We have to Not ever want to see that happen again. Hey, Lieutenant Governor Barnes. What about in Seattle? Where Ah, Two people were murdered inside the Chazz Chop Autonomous. Own father of 19 Year old was murdered. Just filed a $3 billion lawsuit against the city. What about the violence there? What about Violence against police officers, including committed by Jacob Blake, resisting arrest prior to him being shot. Is that something that's relevant the number of times that Jacob Lake had to comply with police officers before it escalated to the shooting. And while we're manufacturing characterizations of Kyle Riton house, what about the actual records of not only the writers who were killed A convicted sex offender who was according to New York Times reporting, charging Riton house a somebody who was convicted of unlawful use of a weapon and in time public intoxication, who was shot and wounded. The other individual also The other individual killed. The other writer killed also criminal record. Should we talk about Jacob Lakes from El Record and what he was doing at his ex girlfriend's house in the first place? If you want to provide context in the conversation, fine, let's do it across the board and let's separate what we actually know. Versus what the left is hoping is true. Hoping something is true versus what you actually know, are two different things. What's the evidentially standard for making determinations about prosecution's about judgment calls? It seems that one of the questions that Governor Evers and lieutenant Governor Barnes and federal politicians from Diana Presley Kamala Harris to Joe Biden Don't want to comment on is that interesting

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