Brady Fox News that from Joe Biden moments ago,


Brady Fox News that from Joe Biden moments ago, the Democratic presidential nominee visiting Pittsburgh to denounce violence of any kind from the left or right is he accuses the president of encouraging violence by fanning the flames of hate and division. White House spokeswoman Kayleigh Mcenany Washington D C New York Seattle Portland, Minneapolis Kenosha All of these cities are Democrats run. All of these cities have experienced anarchy, violence and destruction in recent days, blaming calls to defund police president visits Kenosha, Wisconsin Tomorrow. The police chief in Portland, Oregon, admits they could use some help as the mayor and the president there escalate their war of words sons mayor rejected And Trump's latest offer to send in federal resource is to help deal with violent protests. But police chief Chuck Leavell was asked over the weekend after a trump supporter was killed. How he plans to keep dueling sides apart. Moving forward level says they have finite resource is I think the best we can do is message to people that we want a safe city.

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