Evening thunderstorms bring flood chances to Washington DC region


Clouds today. If we do get some pizzas, sunshine, that's not really gonna be good because that's going only destabilized the atmosphere. Temperatures are going to be in the mid eighties today and we are looking at scattered showers and thunderstorms scooting across the region from the west to the east as we go into the middle part of the afternoon, possibly into the early evening, and even these storms could be strong, possibly severe, damaging winds. Heavy rain localized flooding. Maybe things that we're gonna have to watch. And this is all remnants of Laura joining up with front system So again mid eighties today and a lot of humidity, But by tonight we start clearing out temperatures will be in the eighties tomorrow to mid eighties. Plenty of sunshine tomorrow and much lower humidity. Humidity starts creeping in on Monday so to rain chances temperatures in the seventies on Monday. We won't have range into the day on Monday, I'm starting for meteorologist Lauren Rickets.

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