Stimulate This 'Unique Nerve' To Experience Deep, Healing, Relaxing And Restful Sleep

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One of the biggest challenges people have these days is that they're not able to get deep healing relaxing and restful sleep is that you? It seems like a puzzle that's difficult to solve. What should you do to relax? How can you switch off your stress? Is that a way that you can tap into your inner pharmacy to create a natural sleeping bill in this episode, going to share with you a quick natural technique that you can use at your home to feel completely relaxed in minutes and get good quality sleep. But before we begin if you are interested in this topic and About how you can use ancient wisdom to calm your mind relax your nervous system and distressed to make sure that you hit the subscribe button on your apple device or if you using another device, make sure that you share this with your friends and family. When you hit subscribe does something special to the Algorithm which ensures that people who would not normally come across this part caused actually come across it. So make sure that he supporters and hit subscribe Quick story before I, begin giving you the exact technique yesterday I was doing a livestream with an facebook group demonstrating this specific technique, and after that I went straight to working on my computer, and this was about ten fifteen pm. But as soon as I went on the computer and started doing my work, I began to feel a bit drowsy I began to feel sleepy. And my head was getting heavier and heavier until I just brought my head on my table. And it didn't make sense until I realized the fact that I had just done that technique. I. Demonstrated that Technique Did Accident Dia Body and prepare for sleep. So this does work and I would encourage you to try out yourself but promise me one thing don't attempt to do this technique while you're driving or if you're in water or a place that needs your full attention because this is it bar for technique do this only if you're at home and need to fully relax where you not be disturbed because this is awful and it will change your state in minutes. So let's begin stepped one. Especially, when you're doing Brett work and throughout the day, make sure that you're breathing in through your nose breathing through your nose ensures that you get just that I'd quantity of oxygen and not too much because too much oxygen can cause more damage than good as explained in previous episode oxygen is like fuel for yourself you need just a right amount of. Fuel to produce energy do much few land. It could lead to oxidative damage to your tissues and organs, and you don't want to damage your against the other benefit of reading through news is that your nose contain these nose hairs right which act as filters. So you're ensuring that the quality of air that you're breathing is good and because of those same. Filters and the structure of your news the that's coming in is nice and warm, which again is conducive to relaxation fort benefit of breathing in through your nose is that when you breathe through your nose, there's nitric oxide the guess created from the back of your nose and your sinuses, which then goes into your lungs and this helps dilate your air passages. In your lungs annual blood vessels allowing the oxygen, which you're inhaling to go much more effectively into where it's needed for energy production. So the oxygen goes into your Mitochondria, which is the powerhouse of your cell that leads to energy production line breathing in through your nose is good for you when you breathing out, make sure that you're breathing out through your mouth. How and when you're breathing out, imagine that you're breathing out through a straw or that you're fogging a mirror. And you can make this salad old because it really enhances the expedients. Now, adding this slight resistance, right when you're making the shape of a straw as you're breathing out as the effect of activating your batter sympathetic nervous system, the part of your nervous system that is responsible for resting they're responsible for digesting your food for healing for cellular repair and most barley immune building because guess what it is a pandemic season, you are very your masks, but also you need to boost your immune system.

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