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About every organ they send off. But talking about transportation problems like missed flights is a sensitive topic in the transplant community. In one of my earliest conversations with Jennie on the phone, she admitted. It's hard to talk about. I mean, I myself feel Elected. But I am I'm going to try and push through. Latham any time that you cast any doubt. That this system is working perfectly. You feel like you risk Having people take themselves off the donor registry, and many leaders in the organ procurement organizations downplay the losses of kidneys on commercial flights. My name is Kevin O'Connor. I am the president and CEO of Life Center Northwest. Life Center. Northwest recovers organs from Washington, Montana, parts of Idaho, sometimes even remote areas of Alaska and ships them for transplant. Kevin says he doesn't think transportation problems are a big issue for over 30 years. On DH literally tens of thousands of organs being transported. I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of times that because of a transportation Glitch that an organ was ultimately not transplanted. I tell Kevin with the unis data shows dozens of kidneys discarded and hundreds of near misses. What do you make of of of that? Is that acceptable? Well, I no, I In fact, I think even one candy being thrown away because transportation errors is not acceptable. Kevin points out that organs don't get transplanted for a lot of reasons. For example, a surgeon might discover an organ is lower quality than expected, or it just might not fit the patient physically, In spite of our best efforts there, there will always be occasions where, where an organ an opportunity for a transplant will be missed. Without more complete numbers. It's impossible to know how transportation problems compared to the other reasons. But when Kim Young Jenny's organ coordinator, learns that more than 7% of shipments handled by unis have some kind of transportation problem, she gets mad. Why we work so hard, I mean, Our motto here at our legacy is every organ every time and it sickens me to think that Organs are being lost. Recipients aren't getting them and they're going to have to go on dialysis. You know, it

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